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Movie Preview - Parasuram
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Banner: Priyanka Cinema
Cast: Srihari, Sanghavi, Nutan Prasad, Giribabu, Jayaprakash Reddy, G.V. Lakshmayya Chowdhary and Pavani
Music: Sri Lekha
Photography: B. Lokeswara Ra
Dialogues: Krishnaeswara Rao
Screenplay - Direction: Mohan Gandhi
Producer: Priyanka

Theatrical Release Date: March 2002


A duet Srihari and Sanghavi was filmed in Chennai recently for Priyanka Cinema's "Parasuram," directed by A. Mohan Gandhi. Presented by C. Kalyan, the movie is nearing completion.

Says the director, "The pen is mightier than the sword. But our hero, an investigative journalist, realizes at one stage that the gun can do what the sword cannot. Srihari works as a reporter in a newspaper called 'Terror'. He brings to light the anti-societal and anti State elements through his writings. In the process, he is made to lose everything in life by the villain (Sarath Saxena). During this trauma, he comes to the conclusion that if he has to destroy the evil forces, he should take on them in the language they understand better, the language of the gun.

"In short, it is the courageous tale of a journalist who vows to cleanse the system of its maladies, controlled by a vested interest."

"Sanghavi is cast as a police officer. She too faces hurdles at every stage while carrying out her duties. She falls in love with the hero. Besides duets, there is an interesting duel between the two, while he holds her service revolver and she, his weapon, the pen. There is no reversal of roles but the arguments provide food for thought. M. S. Narayana plays the role of a post master and the heroine's father with Raja Ravindra in a key role".

"The action sequences are on par with Hollywood standards. Besides action there are emotional chords too that touch the heart".

Srihari, with the success of 'Bhadrachalam,' is back to the genre where he is most at home - action films. "Yes, after the film's success, I am concentrating on action flicks again. There are several such scenes in this movie too, brilliantly built up by Vijay. Mohan Gandhi had a particular style of filmmaking and has given fresh treatment to this subject. Even the songs have come up well".

Besides a song on the lead pair, a fight sequence was also filmed at the Chennai port recently. "We have filmed the song choreographed by Tara at Race Course, MGM, Kovalam beach. Two songs are yet to be filmed, which we are planning to shoot abroad," says Kalyan.

Nutan Prasad, Giribabu, Jayaprakash Reddy, G.V. Lakshmayya Chowdhary and Pavani are also in the cast.

Story is by Aditya, dialogue by Krishnaeswara Rao, music by M.M. Srilekha, and camera by B. Lokeswara Rao.

The film is produced by Priyanka, and V. Nagaraja, and C.V. Rao are its co-producers.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Parasuram Film Preview
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