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Movie Preview - Seshu
neethone Vuntanu
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Genre: Love
Banner: Siva Sivani Movies
Cast: Raja Sekhar, Kaveri, Jyoti Lakshmi, Ganesh, Nazag, Sriman, Mohini Patel, Mohan Vaidya
Story - Screenplay: Bala
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Photography: Hari Anumolu
Dialogues: Marudhuri Raja
Direction: Jeevitha Raja Sekhar
Producer: Baby Sivani

Theatrical Release Date: 22nd February 2002


About the film

A Doctor by academic qualification, Rajasekhar goes back to his college days, to play the role of a medical student in Siva Sivani Films' "Seshu" directed by Jeevita Rajasekhar. A remake of the Tamil super hit, "Sethu", the film marks Kaveri's debut in Telugu films. The climax portions were recently shot in Kumbakonam.

Says the actress-turned-director Jeevitha, "Apart from a few minor changes in the story to suit our hero Rajasekhar, we are sticking to the original Tamil version, directed by Bala. It is a clean family entertainer that touches the heart. A special feature is that Rajasekhar, known for his action flicks, is doing an emotional love story set against the backdrop of a medical college. It is an unusual thought-provoking story with several twists and turns.

"The hero falls in love with his college mate (Kaveri) and is determined to marry her. He wins the hearts of his fellow students with his dare-devilry. But in the process, he invites trouble form enemies lobby. The climax is unique. The hospital attached to an ashram in Kumbakonam formed a perfect locale for this purpose. In a ten-day schedule from January 4, we have shot a song, Rajasekhar, instead of opting for a wig, has shaved his head. He has taken care to give a realistic touch to the role and make the portrayal authentic. He has slimmed down for some scenes with the help of rigorous exercises and dieting.

"We have shot in over 30 places including the Osmania Medical College which offers something new to the viewers. We are released the audio in the first week of February 2002. Yuvan Shankar Raja had retained three of his father Ilayaraja's compositions from the Tamil version. He has come up with two original tracks, which are on par with the maestro. Our effort to make it a clean entertainer can be felt in every frame".

Rajasekhar says as he was bowled over by Tamil version, he tried to acquire the rights against all odds. "For the first time in my 18-year career, I was so inspired by the movie and the role that I wanted to take it as a challenge. I cannot mimic or imitate anybody. So I am performing in my own style. There are two shades to the lead character. The hero is a symbol of honesty and sincerity. While fighting against the injustice done to him, what sort of a trap he gets into forms an interesting climax. I am confident the movie will open up a new world of entertainment for the audience".

After making a mark in Malayalam, Kannada and Tamil films, Kaveri makes her debut in Telugu. She plays the role of a girl from an orthodox family with a conservative approach towards love and life.

A special attraction of the film is a dance number by yesteryear, sensuous danseuse Jyothilakshmi, who is repeating her performance in the Telugu version.

Photography of this film is done by Hari Anumolu. This film is slated for release on 22nd of February 2002

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Seshu Film Preview
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