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Movie Preview - Neetho Cheppalani
neethone Vuntanu
Neethone Cheppalani
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Genre: Love
Banner: Sri Srinivasa Sai films
Cast: Akash, Anupriya, MS Narayana, Sudhakar, Krishnaveni, Sakuntala, Brahmanandam, Jeeva, Hariprasad, Surya, Tirupati Prakash, Raghubabau and Ashita
Art: Aatyanarayana
Music: Koti
Photography: Jayaram
Dialogues: Marudhuri Raja
Story - Screenplay - Direction: B. Satyanaidu
Producer: G Peddi Reddy & K Girija Kumari

Theatrical Release Date: February 2002


About the film

Taking about his debut venture, Sri Srinivasa Sai Films' "Neetho Cheppalni," director B. Satyanaidu exclaims, "Love just happens". The film has Akash of 'Anandam' fame and newcomer Anupriya in the lead. According to producer G. Peddi Reddy, the shooting part would soon be over, with the picturisation of the last song on the lead pair. He is making the movie along with K. Girija Kumari and A. Shymala.

"We have four heroes participating in the project the story itself, its music, cinematography and the lead actor Akash," says Satyanaidu.

"The entire story focuses on situations during college vacation. The hero goes to his native place for the holidays and falls in love with a beautiful girl (Anupriya) there. And he gets full support from his grandfather (M.S. Narayana) who has a modern outlook. He wishes that his grandson also should go in for a love marriage, like him. "But our hero falls short of words to express his love for the girl even though it is love at first sight for him. His travails in expressing his feelings have been depicted as funny anecdotes. While the hero's ambition is win her over, the girl has something else on her mind. This provides the twist to this sentimental and humorous entertainer.

" A highlight of the film is a ballad type of song, filmed on Giribabu, who plays father to the hero, and M.S. Narayana, Sudhakar, Krishnaveni, and Sakunthala. The film's major assets are its catchy tunes by Koti, and eye-catching visuals by Jayaram".

Producer K. Girija Kumari says, "The audio has been a big hit with film buffs. We are trying to convey the meaning of true love through our venture".

Brahmanandam, Jeeva, Hariprasad, Surya, Tirupati Prakash, Raghubabau and Ashita are also in the cast.

Marudhuri Raja has written the dialogue. Art direction is by Satyanarayana, production design by Tandava Krishna, and story, screenplay and direction by B. Satyanaidu.

With Y. Sridhar Reddy as the executive producer, M. Sudhakar Reddy is the presenter of the film slated for release soon.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Neethone Vuntanu Film Preview
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