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Chitchat with MS Raju about Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana
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MS Raju - who delivered two continuous Sankranthi block busters Okkadu (2003) and Varsham (2004) is coming up with another film titled 'Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana' on 14th January 2005. This film introduces famous choreographer Prabhu Deva as film director. Siddardh (Boys fame) and Trisha play main leads. Devi Sri Prasad - music director of year 2004 - composed music for this film. MS Raju had chitchat with scribes on 31st December. Here are the excerpts……

4th January 2005

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After two action films like Okkadu and Varsham, you made a soft film like 'Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana'. What is the reason behind it?
It is difficult to make another action film after doing films like Okkadu and Varsham. Now a days, all films are using the techniques, action sequences and ramping shots we used in Okkadu and Varsham. I want to take a break from making action films now. I wanted to make a sweet and feel-good film. I made Manasantha Nuvve and Nee Sneham after getting inspired by the super success of Nuvve Kavali. I think, Nuvvostanante Nenoddanta' would become a different sweet film among the biggies that are releasing for this Sankranthi.

When technicians become film directors, they tend to show bias toward their original profession. Did you find any such bias towards dances from Prabhu Deva while directing 'Nuvvostanante…'?
If you observe the dances composed by Prabhudeva so far in all films, you could see some theme and concept for each and every dance. He had the vision of director while composing such dances. Hence, direction just becomes an extension for what he had been doing for years. I can proudly proclaim that Prabhu Deva is the best director among the directors I worked with so far.

Do you have any reason for having different hairdo to Siddardh in this film?
It looks different and he is playing a rich NRI who came back to India. It suits him and it's stylish as well. After watching this film, you would realize how stylish and fashionable it is. I do remember my childhood days when the cloth merchants used to sell 'Dasara Bullodu' sarees after the Dasara Bullodu's release. Likewise, after 'Nuvvostanante…' release the salons would popularize 'Nuvvostanante…' haircut.

You seem to be playing safe by choosing familiar themes with minimum guarantee returns? Don't you take risks?
I prefer adapting old stories and narrating them in modern style. The audiences feel at home while watching them. It does not mean that I don't take risks. I tried a different film like 'Devi Putrudu' and it bombed. Even today, I strongly feel that 'Devi Putrudu' would have been a hit if I spent a couple of years more on the script.

At the same time, it is very difficult make a feel-good film. It needs dexterity to narrate a thin point for a period of 2 and half hours.

Tell us about the music of the film?
Music given by Devi Sri Prasad suits the requirement. Songs in this film are extensions to the vital scenes. There is only one duet song in this film. Remaining all songs are situational ones. That duet song was choreographed by Prabhu Deva on Siddardha, Trisha and 90 dancers.

Why did you prefer somebody from Chennai as hero when we have so much talent in AP?
I liked Siddardh performance in Boys and he had what I was looking for in 'Nuvvostanante…'. I also wanted to cast somebody who is underexposed. He is fresh in appearance and good in looks. He would become a star after this film's release.

You started this film as a small-budget film and it ended up with huge budget? Why did the production cost of this film go up?
The rampant video piracy and movie lover's addition to idiot box demands the film to be good enough to drive them to the theater. In addition to the good script, they also demand good experience in theaters. Hence we should use pleasant colors and also show lavishness in film's production.

You seem to be doing changes on fly while shooting a film. Don't you start a film with bound script?
Bound script concept was possible in the old days. At that point of time, the filmmakers and other technicians used to get lot of spare time to work the script out even before starting the muhurat. It is a fast life now. It is a team work too. We start off with the script and whenever we get a nice suggestion from any technician, we tend to incorporate it. Seven days ago, while doing the rerecording of the film Devi Sri Prasad came up with a suggestion. We called the cast and crewmembers and shot that particular scene to improvise it. Improvement is a continuous process. We work hard everyday to make sure that script gets better day by day.

Tell us about your future films?
I will announce the details of my next film on the release date on 'Nuvvostanante…' (14th January 2005).

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