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Birthday 2006 celebrations - Gummadi
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July 9, 2006
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Popular character actor Gummadi celebrated his 80th birthday today. In a press meet today Gummadi said, “I never hurt anybody in 50 years of career as an actor and 80 years as a human being. I am currently leading retired life in a peaceful environment. I had an opportunity to work with actors and actress of different generations and learnt a lot from them. I stayed away from acting as my voice has gone very feeble in the past years. Though I stayed away from acting, I am observing current actors. When we watch the films, we see the actors but not the characters, which is very unfortunate. People are forced to believe that all commercial hits are good films."

Here are some interesting incidents Gummadi shared with press today -

NTR’s support: There was a time when I was not getting any important roles. I told my dear friend NTR that I would be returning to my home town, he said that he would give me a role. He gave me a good break with ‘Pichi Pullayya’ film.

Learnt the concept of savings from NTR: I used to earn Rs. 250/- per day in the beginning of my career. NTR used to earn around Rs. 500/-. I used to watch 5-6 films every week and used to entertain friends a lot. I used to smoke as well. NTR asked me how much I spend in a month. I said that I spend around Rs. 300/-. Then NTR said that he spends around Rs. 75/-. I learnt the good habit of saving money from NTR.

Lesson from Chittoor Nagayya: I did the role of Kabir in Bhakta Ramadasu film. Chittoor Nagayya did the role of Ramadasu. There is one particular scene in which Ramadasu washes Kabir’s legs and sprinkles that water on his head. Nagayya was 25 years older than me and I used to call him Nanna. I was hesitant while acting in that scene. Nagayya then told me that he is washing the legs of Kabir, but not Gummadi. I learnt a lot from that incident.

Another lesson from Chittoor Nagayya: I did the role of Pothana which was enacted by Nagayya earlier. My film flopped. I stayed at home as I felt that film flopped because of me. Nagayya understood my mental state and consoled me by saying that Pothana flopped because of bad story and bad narration, not because of me. I learnt from Nagayya how to give moral support to a co-artist when he/she is down.

This press meet was attended by senior journalists like Ravi Kondala Rao, Varadachari, Bhageeradha & SV Ramarao.

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