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Platinum disc function - Athanokkade
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10th June 2005
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Kalyan Ram said, "Fans of the Nandamuri family will get to see, My uncle Nandamuri Bala Krishna and my father Nandamuri Hari Krishna in films from my banner NTR Arts." The audience went gaga hearing this from him. This was what the fans who gathered at Brahmaramba Theatre in Kukatpally, Hyderabad were waiting for.

The Platinum disc function of Athanokade could not have been celebrated on a better day, today being Bala Krishna's birthday was a double celebration for the fans. The hall was filled with fans who were excitedly waiting for the arrival of the stars when Bala Krishna arrived and the crowd roared with excitement. The function started with simple distribution of mementos to the various technicians by Bala Krishna. Director Surendra Reddy, editor Gautham Raju, art director P Narayana Reddy were a few of them who received mementos.

Later Hari Krishna gave the mementos to all the artists who acted in the film, Sindhu Tolani, Rami Reddy, Rajya Lakshmi, GV Sudhakar and Kalyan Ram received the mementos. Rama Krishna gave mementos to all those related with the music and lyrics of the film. Chandrabose took the memento for his song Chita Pata.

Bala Krishna who is celebrating his birthday today cut a huge cake, and was fed with the first peice by Kalyan Ram. Hari Krishna took the mike and started the proceeding with his speech. He said, "This is not a victory of my son but it is a victory of the whole team. People say that 'Sarvendriyana Nayanam pradanam.' but IO tend to differ from this opinion, in films all the parts are important. It is not just the hero on whom a whole movie can be based, the sory, direction and music also play a very crucial role. If they are not right then the film is not going to be a hit."

"Kalyan Ram has always been confident about acting, but I always encouraged him to be himself and learn on his own. When I was young I asked my father NTR to let me produce a film and learn about the film industry. He said that I should learn it on my own and let me produce a film with him. Just like that when Kalyan Ram approached me and asked for my permission to start this film on his own I told him to go ahead and face the challenge. It is the love of the audience that has made it a hit and given him the confidence."

"He even approached me for the name of the productions, I told him that there is only one great name that has stood the sands of time, it is NTR. So he named his productions NTR Arts and it has again been proved that the name is still loved by many."

Surendra who is high with the success of the film said, "I would like to thank all the audience and Nandamuri fans for making this film such a big hit. I have also lived my dream of sharing a stage with Bala Krishna today. I was lucky enough to feed him a peice o cake with my own hands, it is an experience that I will not forget."

Birthday boy Bala Krishna said, "I am happy that this function is being held today, I am thrilled that I am able to share this happy occasion with my fans. I was not present when this film was released, I was shooting for my own film. But when Kalyan Ram told me that the film was doing good, and I came to know that it is running to packed houses all over the place I was impressed."

"I was impressed by the way the director has done the film, but it is not just him alone who brought success to the story, it is a collective effort of the whole team. Everyone has done a great job in the film. The cameraman has showed the film in a beautiful way, the stunts and graphics of the film are also worth noting. Music has also played a major role in making the film a hit, thanks to Mani Sharma who is a great music director. The scores he has provided for the film are really great, and the lyrics have added flavour, just like icing on the cake."

"I wish Kalyan Ram all the very best for his future projects, and for all the hard work that he has put into the film."

Kalyan Ram in response said, "I am happy that I got a chance to celebrate my uncles birthday along with all his fans. It is they who have also contributed to the success of the film. Everyone thinks that I started my career with 'Tolichoopulo', but in reality when I was in class fifth I got a small part in my uncles film 'Balagopaludu'. So, I must thank dad for letting me act and uncle for getting me that role and introducing me to the wonderful world of films."

"It is in front of all you fans that I want to announce that the hundredth day celebration of the film will be on September 2, the day my father was born. But today would not be possible without Surendra who had told me a great story and executed it greatly. Rama Krishna uncle has also helped me with the production of this film."

'Once again I would like to thank all the audience who have made this film a grand success. The hundredth day will also be a big festival for the Nandamuri fans. I also promise to make films with my uncle and father under my banner NTR Arts soon."

Also present for the occasion were Pradeep of Maruti Music, Anand Prasad of Brahmaramba theatre, Ram Prasad manager of Ramanaidu Labs and Sunku Ramesh.

- Aditya

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