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Bend It Like the Ladies
By Pavan Malladi
Archived Analysis
S No Analysis Name of the Analyst
57 Bend It Like the Ladies Pavan Malladi
56 Preriquisite for poetry - abstraction Srinivas Kanchibhotla
55 Okkadu - Not just one man show Sreya Sunil
54 Piracy - So What? Pavan Malladi
53 Mar Charitra - Ek Duje Ke Liye KP Pen
52 A peek into Balayya's silver jubilee career Ravi Suryadevara
51 Leaders in Tollywood KP Pen
50 A peek into Balayya's silver jubilee career Ravi Suryadevara
49 Heroes of Manmadhudu Sreya Sunil
48 Off Beat Cinema Prerna Rao
47 Some Ramblings - Nuvve Nuvve Srinivas Kanchibhotla
46 New age directors with fresh ideas…hmmmmm …how fresh are the ideas??? Prerna Rao
45 An Introduction to Maestro Ilayaraja's Contribution To Telugu Film Music RS Balaji
44 Writer - a sad story Srinivas Kanchibhotla
43 B Gopal's Seema Trivia Amar
42 Trends in Telugu cinema music Shalini Raj
41 Originals Vs. Counterfeits : Pros & Cons Srilakshmi Katragadda
40 The Aftermath of "911"!!! Srilakshmi Katragadda
39 What the heck is this pirated-cute-stuff??? Srilakshmi Katragadda
38 The three record makers Vanaparthy Ranganath
37 Versatility: A new trend among directors these days Sreya Sunil
36 Tollywood in first half of 2002 Sreya Sunil & Jeevi
35 ROLE and ACTOR - MADE FOR EACH OTHER Vanaparthy Ranganath
34 Joraina Jodilu Sreya Sunil
33 They drizzled, they sizzled and they fizzled Sreya Sunil
32 A new dimension to Telugu Cinema: Who will make it possible? Sreya Sunil
31 New directors: What's their tag? Sreya Sunil


Chakravarthy - King of Melody MLN
29 Over dose of love stories MLN


Promising Directors Vanaparthy Ranganath
27 The rise and fall of Shakeela Rama Rao P


Hitting where it hurts! Matt Daniels
25 Telugu Film DVDs in USA Krishna Polina & Sumit Nath


Bollywood baptism in Telugu films Uttara Kumari B
23 Telugu cinema - past and present Gudipoodi Srihari


Para Bhasha Nepathya Gayakulu Vanaparthy Ranganath
21 Sankrathi 2001 - An Analysis Jeevi


Nuvve Kavali - a success story Jeevi
19 Devi Putrudu - A mystical perspective G Soumi


Sankranthi Audio Releases Jeevi
17 It's Kith Time Jeevi


Soundarya - to expose or not to expose Jeevi
15 Sahaja Natulu Vanaparthy Ranganath


Title Sentiment Jeevi
13 Telugu Art Films Bhagavan Das Garga


Routene Scenes Vanaparthy Ranganath
11 Sound Effects Vanaparthy Ranganath


Dubbing Movies Savitri
9 Cine Telugu Lingo Vanaparthy Ranganath
8 How to Run a Good Bad Guy? Pradeep C
7 Changin Face of Indian Heroine Pradeep C
6 Flashback Impact Vanaparthy Ranganath
5 History of Indian Cinema Pradeep C
4 History of World Cinema Pradeep C
3 Five Powerful Films Jeevi
2 Three Films of Jubilation Jeevi


Dubbing Mania Jeevi
End of Analysis

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