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What is the cost of Bellamkonda's blunder?
telugu film heroine

8th October 2002
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Bellamkonda Suresh's detrimental statements aimed at Chiranjeevi and Aswini Dutt in a recent newspaper advertisement became the talk of the tinsel town. In an over-enthusiastic move to please Bala Krishna, Bellamkonda has issued an ostentatious advertisement in Vaartha, declaring his recent movie Chenna Kesava Reddy starring Bala Krishna, Shriya and Tabu as one of the biggest industry hits in the recent times.

It is also reliably learnt that Bala Krishna was not informed about this advertisement earlier. After reading the pompous advertisement in the newspaper, Bala Krishna, who does not like such cheap and petty tactics, seems to have called up Bellamkonda Suresh this afternoon to give him a piece of his mind. Speculations are rife that Bala Krishna might issue a statement/explanation in the newspapers soon to disassociate himself with Bellamkonda's advertisement. Though, this paper advertisement satiated the ego of some Bala Krishna's fans, it has done a considerable damage to the image of Bala Krishna.

In the past too, S Gopal Reddy issued a similar kind of advertisement when 'Muddula mavayya' was declared a flop in the first week. Nobody really bothered about S Gopal Reddy's statements, as the movie later went to become a biggest blockbuster. Now Bellamkonda, who is under the illusion that CKR is a big hit, tried the same tactic. But this strategy boomeranged as the film is declared a flop in most of the centers. There are very bleak chances of the film becoming a hit after the insertion of an additional song [Telupu Telupu].

Bellamkonda Suresh took a risky gamble by issuing this kind of statement, which might eventually make him an enemy to one of the major lobbies in the film industry. With even Bala Krishna disliking this kind of statements, Bellamkonda Suresh seems to have landed in a soup.

The producer's counsel is planning to take an action on the producer for issuing such an acerbic newspaper advertisement. On the flip side, he contested as the executive committee member in the recently held AP Film Producers Counsel's elections and was defeated (the elected committee members were Medikonda Murali Krishna, K Ashok Kumar, Sangisetty Dasaratha, P Kiran, M Subramanyeswara Rao, M Arjuna Raju, Tammareddy Bharadwaja, Mahendra, Burugapally Siva Rama Krishna and KL Narayana).

It is also learnt that Aswini Dutt, the producer of Chiranjeevi's latest blockbuster Indra, is ignoring this statement and prefers to maintain silence. We have to wait and see if this unhealthy statement leads to any untoward trend in the film industry.

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End of the Scoop

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