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My Movie - Khadgam
You are at Home > Community > My Movie starts a new exciting section - My Movie. There are very few movies that touch the human being inside you. All you got to do is pen down your feelings about the movie and mail and share it with fellow visitors.You can send your 'My Movie' letters to [email protected]



by Phani
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I was waiting from since a month to watch the movie desperately, Since I am a good fan of movies I watch films regularly and there was time when I saw two to three movies at a time. In the case of Khadgam I saw the movie thrice.

In the case of Khadgam, I did not agree with jeevi review. And in the contest I am giving my one review in the context. Regarding a review I don't give any ratings so I think that fails to decide the fate of the picture


The film starts with the evolution of the earth from the "Omkaram" and India, the freedom fighters, and the division of the nation.It will not be appropriate to write the entire story as it looses the tense of watching the movie.

But I would like to give a glance of some points that gave a positive image to the movie

1.The movie is not an anti-pakistani nor a patriotic film with full doses of dialogues.
2.The screenplay, story and direction by Krishna vamsi gave tremendous impact in the movie.
3.The actors acted with ease and did their justice.
4.Uttej's dialogues have proved that he can become a good writer in the future.
5.every department in the movie has done their best in doing justice.
6.The main positive point was that it potrayed the negative thinking of common man in a right way,In the sense towards the country and themselves.


1.Krishnavamsi (director):
Being the director of the film, he wrote the story, screenplay and directed the movie, additional screenplay was penned by Satyanand. He tried his best in portraying every character in real way. His intensity in showing the love and affection towards the country and society has got good applause from the audience. Additional screenplay by Satyanand has given good help for the movie.

2. Uttej (Dialogues)
Until now no body expected Uttej to be a good writer, but in this movie he showed he is not only a good actor but also a good writer. The dialogues between Ahuti prasad and Masood (The villan(Masood) and Ahuti Prasad (DSP),about jihad and dharma yudd, Sangeeta and her mother(In the temple ),the dialogues by Bramhaji(When he is going to border), Shivajiraja (When the trio come to see Bramhaji's dead body),Srikanth and Prakash raj(during the last end of the movie) has got tremendous response from the audience.


Prakash Raj: He portrayed well capable role and proved his intensity. In a realistic way he acted well in the role of a Muslim (I can't say Indian Muslim because, I think in India every religion have it's own value), his love towards his country and his secularist views, He showed his power of acting in some scenes like when he takes his lover to DCP Radha and asks him for help (In this context a point came to my mind when he says "we both are Muslims and majors", this shows the impact the society have on the Muslims), His fight with Radha Krishna when he tries to enter masjid to catch Amjad, His interaction with Srikanth in the police station, It portrays the situation Muslims are facing in the country and the insecurity they are undergoing. And the best part came out when he says to kill his own brother, when he comes to know that he is a terrorist.

Ravi Teja: Ravi Teja did not just acted in movie but has lived the character, the role shows the struggle an actor faces for chances, and the sequence when he comes to know that Sangeetha his lady love has lost her character has got good response from audience. In some sequences the thrust of the role to become a star has given a good image on the character and the actor.

Srikanth: He has well acted in the role and showed that he can do serious roles. In the whole movie he has just 4 to 5 dialogues. His seriousness had brought good fame to his role, the reason for his seriousness comes in the second half. And his hatred against Muslims is well reasonable and the answer given to him by Prakash Raj in a conversation is well canned.

Sangeeta, Puja bharathi, Kim sharma, Sonali bendre, Shafi, Uttej, Pavala shayamala, Ahuti Prasad, MS Narayana, Ayesha jaleel, Shivajiraja has done their best in their part.

Music director:
Devi sri prasad has scored the songs and they are pretty well and shows the impact on the screen. Every song has it's own impact and comes as a part of the movie. Though some scores are taken from the other directors, they does not remind us.

The lyrics are good and catchy. The first song khadgam was a little bit confusing on the screen but later got good impact, the next song meme Indians by shakti gave good applaud, the third song musugu tiyyodu was well canned and shown pretty on the screen, the fourth song allari allari was well shown and it's the song where all the characters are shown on the screen, Govinda govinda song was well shot and it's the song the lower class enjoyed and showed their applause,the song nuvve uvve was well shot and gave good impact on Srikanths character.

One should not forget the lines that come in between the film, which are well and good and gave good impact on the visualization of the sequence.

And before to end only the point I thought that gave negative impact on the film was the climax, though it was good I think the director was a little bit hurry to complete the climax and did so, It would have been better if the climax was shot in another way. (Though it does not make much impact on the audience) NTR in get up and also in his action.

And to say the film is worth watching even once

Phani Kumar
[email protected]

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