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Open Letter to Chiranjeevi
You are at Home > Community > Open Letters is frequently visited by all the Telugu film industry celebrities, who are net savvy. Here is a platform for the fans to express their sincere suggestions to their stars. Write open letters to your stars and we make sure that they are read by your favorite hero. But make sure that all the letters are positive-minded! You can send your open letters to [email protected]


Dear Chiru Sir:

Ever since I have known, I have been a great fan of yours in spite of my Gujju background. This just shows the craze you have over everyone. But sadly, this is coming down. Worst of all, the reason for this is not because popularity of other heroes is going up or because of the entry of young blood - but - simply, your craze is coming down. And no matter whoever says what, you are the one who is responsible for this.

You and your career have always inspired many a people and many of us treat you as a hero because of the way you have raised and reached this stature. It is not hero-worship alone that separates you out from the bunch. Rather I would say it is role-model stuff. You are an inspiration to us. With such an impact on people, you should stand for the values you have created.

I agree that you are doing a great job with CCT and messages for blood donations, eye-donations etc... but these things should also reflect on your movies aka Rajnikanth style. Frankly, your films have been very disappointing and your choices paradoxical to say the very least. Let me enumerate a few of the things

  1. Very few of your movies recently have any entertainment value. They are mostly sentimental fare Hitler, Daddy...). This is not a concern but your films hardly carry a message at all. I do not mean that the message has to be explicit but a lot could be conveyed implicitly. Please work towards that as it can impact a lot of things in many peoples' lives
  2. I do agree that your films should have mass values but this does not mean that you do something atrocious and stupid like Big Boss, Rikshavodu
  3. Stop doing things to prove yourself. Films like Snehamkosam were totally useless. We all know that you are a great actor and we do not need any proof
  4. It has been a long time since we got just plain clean entertainers from you - you know films like Master, Bavagaru Bagunnara etc...We just want to forget ourselves when we come and watch your movies
  5. Last but not least, please do be wise in whatever you do. You are not too old but you are not young enough to have Aarthi Agarwal (who is 16/17 years old) act as a heroine with you. Is this something you should do? Are there no other heroines? Please do not do such a thing.

Take a cue from Hollywood. There the heroes never say that they are young and act that way with proper co-stars. Why should it not be the same with you?

I hope you find my letter useful. Please do try to reply when you find time. I know this is a very wishful of me but I am sure you will think over the things mentioned.


Amit Patel
([email protected])

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You can send your open letters to [email protected]
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