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Meeting the Megastar by Srinivas Kumar Balabommala

Hi to Chiru Fans across the Globe! My name is Balabommala. (My colleagues call me Chirupicchodu for I bunk half day of my duties whenever a new Chiru movie releases)

My blood group is O +ve. My character is Be Positive.

For the first time I met Chiru (10th December 2000 @ 6:30P.M) when he came to RamaNaidu Studios Preview theatre along with his wife and Mr. Vijayabapineedu to watch the rush of Anji. The first thing I did when I saw him was "SAASHTANGA PRANAMAM" (fell down to touch his feet) and when he lifted me, I kissed him on his left cheek without asking his permission. He asked me very gently - 'Daddy' cinema chusaava? But I responded to him in a complete -ve manner saying, 'You may be 45 but you are any time 25 in your fans views - please don't do the roles of a father?' Then he smoothened me by saying 'watch the coming movies - I won't disappoint you. (Chiru played the role of a father in Daddy and Andarivadu but they both failed at the box office).

Second time - I met him at RavindraBharathi where Chiru had done Nutokka Jillala Andagadu NutanPrasad's felicitation. He smiled at me & tried to recognize me by my name. I was like trying to walk in the air when he tried to recognize me.

Third time - I met him at Ramanaidu studios floor where the shooting of 'Radhe Govinda' of Indra was happening. He asked me to have lunch & go.

Fourth time - I met him at Ali House, Secunderabad in 'Andharivadu' shooting. I went there to invite him to my Marriage (Feb 2005). He shook hand with me and said that he will be busy in the net practice for the Star Cricket (Feb 13th). Then I tried to convince him that I am the greatest fan of him by showing the blood donor cards (I donated blood to Chiranjeevi blood camp - 4 times on my NRI brother Prasad Balabommala's Birthday i.e Feb 4th) and the tickets of all his movies (I have the habit of keeping the counterfoils of all the Chiru cinema tickets) and the title 'Magamaharaju' in my wedding card and his pocket calendar in my purse and at last I became emotional and started singing Galee galee mein shor hai - Supreme Superstar hai… Star star - Mega star star … Jai Chiranjeeva Jagadekaveera…. Nagababu, AlluArvind, Gemini Kiran, G.K.Mohan (Gemini TV), Venugopal, Cinestar Prabhu ( PROs) who were on the location were watching my mad deeds with a smile. Finally, he hugged me and said 'Think of the rest of the fans who would be waiting to watch me on their Television sets - If I don't play, they will feel bad' and gifted me an autograph and called Allu Tataji (Chiru's personal photographer) and asked him to click. This is my only photograph with Chiru though I met him several times personally.

I also met him for the 5th, 6th and 7th time @ South Film Fare awards & Santosham Film fare awards functions that happened in Gacchibowli Stadium & Chitranjali anniversary @ Ravindra Bharathi, but this time - I was among the thousands of spectators watching him live.

I will wait for the next chance to meet him again personally so that I can share my experience again with you people.

Thanks to Jeevi & Idlebrain for letting my emotions to be shared with Chiru's fans and Thanks to all of you for reading this.

Srinivas Kumar Balabommala

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Star Chiranjeevi
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Star Quote: 'Naa abhimanulandaru Naa Blood Brothers' - Chiranjeevi at Annayya function
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