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Interview with Aditi Sharma
Date: June 13, 2008, Hyderabad
aditi sharma

You might think she is just another girl to hit Tollywood from the unending rush. Aditi Sharma, a Punjabi Brahmin from Lucknow, professionally settled in Mumbai, says she is not comfortable at the unwarranted skin show on the big screen. After all, she set her foot in Hyderabad, not to seek that - Please gives me one chance. She had already established her mark in Bollywood, with three films in series. “I believe, the entertainment industry is going global. That’s why, I am here. I am doubly confident of my screen presence. Definitely, I am here not to run away with a film or two,” the lanky, but cute-looking and calm girl declares. Gunde Jallumandhi is her debut film. “Great actor” Uday Kiran is her screen-mate. “Amazing and worthy” Madan is the captain of her ship. She reveals her mindset over tinsel world, exclusively to Idlebrain.

Early glimpses of your expedition into this glamour world?
I am from a highly sophisticated and traditional Brahmin family from Northwest Punjab, – on that side bordering with Pakistan. I had a lovely childhood. Now, my family is in Lucknow. My dad is a busy surgeon; and mom, a caring housewife, who had long back quit her job. Now, I am doing my graduation with Delhi University. In 2004, I happened to participate in the talent hunt on Zee TV. I won the tests and landed up in Mumbai later. Luck shined on me. I signed a decent contract with Subhash Ghai’s Muktha Arts. I finished three films. Khanna and Iyer (2007); and Black & White (2008). The former was a flop; the latter, a good commercial movie. I also signed two more films. I am a hard worker. I don’t believe in overnight success. Even if it comes, it won’t stay for long.

How did you get into Gunde Jallumandhi?
It was at the fag end of last year. Director Madan happened to see me in Mumbai. At first I was reluctant to come to Tollywood. But, he made me spellbound with his script. His narration was awesome. I simply thought I shouldn’t miss the opportunity with such a talented director. I accepted the deal – not merely for money, or for fame, but more for my character and good script.

What is your opinion about this nonstop flight of heroines from Mumbai?
Yes. I am one among them. I am least bothered about the exodus of our girls. They have their ambitions and they want to earn their bread and butter. I can only say – The talented alone will survive. Mumbai is the capital of India’s glamour world. Some are busy, some want to explore the further avenues; and some are luckless. I wish every talented person should get her share of success.

What you think is the major reason for South filmmakers to pick up Northern heroines?
It is a big wonder to me. Many times I thought of it, but didn’t get an idea. They have got beautiful girls in Andhra Pradesh. But, they crave for us. I would be very happy if they search for heroines here (Hyderabad). If they are really serious, they will surely find more beautiful and talented girls than us. Why are you particular about us? What about South heroines making waves all over India? Say, Sridevi, Jayaprada and Asin. Just like them, our people – Bhumika, Genelia and Charmi over here.

Did you ever meet these heroines?
No. I neither spoke to any of them, nor even saw them anywhere, but on screen. I get inspired watching them.

While signing Gunde Jallumandhi, did you know about your hero Uday Kiran?
Not much. I was more attached to the script and the director’s mind. But, Madan said that Uday Kiran was a top hero with great fan following. In fact, he is very cooperative and helpful to his colleagues. He is a down-to-earth individual. We were shooting a bike riding sequence. Uday was the pillion rider. I couldn’t drive well. He helped me a lot and the scene would give a fantastic look as though I were a professional rider. With such a risky and unprofessional rider like me, he really risked his life. Uday is a great and real artiste.

What else about Uday Kiran?
(Looking slightly and gently irritated) Why are so particular about him? Ok. He saw some ups and downs in his career. Success and failure are common to human beings. He might be on a low profile. His time will come. Well, I am absolutely happy and satisfied working with him.

How did you enjoy working with Madan?
Madan is a gem of a person. He is a very good narrator. He is calm, patient and inspiring. He believes in touching the depths of characterization. He knows how to get the best from an artiste. Don’t think that I am simply bluffing. You will agree with me after you watch the film.

Tell about your role in the film?
I play the heroine – as Neelima. She is a college going girl. She is very lively. But, she has a complicated mind. Better say, she complicates her own mind.

Does the role suffer from any psychological disorder?
(Aditi Sharma looks curious. She wanted to say something. But her manager intervenes to say, it’s nothing like that. She cut short the thing saying… It’s a musical love story.)

Tell us about the music?
I fell for the music in it. We have six songs. They are five beautiful duets and one title-oriented song. Keeravani Ji took us on a pleasing flight.

How comfortable do you feel while doing expose?
Expose? Ok! Practically, I don’t know anything about it. But, I know the audiences want it. They would be thrilled to have the stuff, exclusively from big actresses. But for me, I will definitely feel uncomfortable. It doesn’t mean I am against it. You see my film in Bollywood. They are reasonably decent. Of course, there are girls who respond to the requirement, as though they are on sedation.

In general, what is your opinion about Tollywood?
I was not much familiar with the film industry here. But, after coming here, I noticed that the standards of choreography are outstanding. People are hard working. They are flexible. As a North girl, when I hear you people speaking broken Hindi, I will sure laugh and laugh at you. But, when I broke Telugu language on sets for uttering dialogues, everybody cooperated with me. They taught me, very patiently. This kind of special attention, reverse to my attitude, even made me embarrassed. At the same time, I respect them a lot.

What about our heroes in Tollywood? You must be having some idea about them.
Yes. During these six months, I knew a lot about them. I recognize big heroes and even moderate heroes. I even watched their films. They are highly professional giving us thrilling performances. I also watched some other heroes. I don’t know why such stuff exists at all.

Anything special about your food habits?
I maintain two types of food habits. One type on the sets. And, the other at leisure. Basically, you know I am a strict vegetarian. I don’t eat too much. I prefer small lumps at regular intervals. I eat all kinds of dishes, and hardly have special attention towards any particular dish. This order always keeps me fresh, mentally and physically.

Your future projects in Bollywood & Tollywood?
As usual, I will be doing my Bollywood films. I feel like owning Tollywood. Already, a good word about me has spread in the industry. Honestly saying, a couple of directors have already approached me. I can’t reveal the details at this stage, so early. I certainly need the blessings of Telugu people.

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