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Movie review - Bhagam Bhag
Bhagam Bhag

Jeevi rating: 3/5
: Suspense comedy
K Sera Sera, Shree Ashtavinayak Cinevision Ltd, Popcorn Motion Pictures
Cast: Akshay Kumar, Govinda, Paresh Rawal, Lara Dutta, Tanushree Datta, Jackie Shroff, Shakti Kapoor, Rajpal Yadav
Dialogue: Neeraj Vora
Music: Pritam Chakraborty
Lyrics: Sameer
Cinematography: Jeeva
Art: Sabu Cyril
Editor: Arun Kumar
Story - screenplay: Priyadarshan & Neeraj Vora
Director: Priyadarshan

Release date: 22 December 2006



Champak (Paresh Rawal) owns a theatre company that tours nationwide with their shows. Bunty (Akshay Kumar) and Babla (Govinda) are two actors in that theatre. Champak gets an offer to perform in London. Just when they are about to board the flight, the heroine (Tanushree Dutta) goes missing. They reach London and search there for a heroine and find one with suicidal tendencies called Munni (Lara Dutta). The rest of the story is all about how the trio of Champak, Bunty and Babla become accomplice to a murder and how they get out of the mess.

Artists Performance

Paresh Rawal is good. Akshay Kumar has mastered these kind of roles. Govinda looks old and a little overweight but still manages to evoke the laughs. Jackie Shroff is not impressive. Lara Dutta is adequate. Rajpal Yadav is good. Sharad Saxena is funny.

Technical Departments:

Story - screenplay - direction: The story of the film starts as a comedy and then slowly turns into a murder mystery. A part of the story is adapted from ‘Body Double’. Priyadarshan who is adept at creating rib-tickling comedy out of routine situations succeeds in the entertainment aspect. However, the narration fails when it comes to unveiling the murder mystery. Thankfully, he brings back the bonhomie with a hilarious climax.

Other departments: Music is good. Dialogues by Neeraj Vora deserve appreciation. Cinematography by Jeeva is eye-catching. As the entire film is shot in London, you get a glimpse of the sights and sounds of life in UK. Artwork by Sabul Cyril is good (especially the ship set in the first song and train set in the second song. Editing of the film is adequate.

Analysis: First half of the film is good with adequate humour. The tempo goes down in the second half with the suspense element. There are some boring elements in the second half, but nicely sprinkled comedy scenes in between saves us from the boredom. Overall, Bhagam Bhag is another time pass film from Priyadarshan and great for a relaxed unwinding after a day’s hectic work.

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