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Chitchat with Posani Krishna Murali
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Posani Krishna Murali is basically from Peda Kakani of Guntur district. He made his debut as writer in Telugu film industry with 'Police Brothers'. He is known for his frankness and sensationalism in Telugu film industry. After getting an experience of working for over 100 films as writer, he is making his debut as producer and director with Sravanamasam. Sravanamasam has over 60 artists appearing on the screen. Krishna, Hari Krishna and Karthikeya play the main leads. Posani Krishna Murali has chitchat with press at his office today. Here are the excerpts -

17th February 2005

When is the film releasing?
Sravamasam would be releasing on 26th of February 2005. It will get censored on 21st of this month. I have established my home banner UP Cinema Lines to produce this film. I have an experience of over 100 films as story and dialogue writer. With that experience, I plunged into direction with this film.

What is this ½ kg Gold scheme all about?
The audience who watch this film between 1st day and 10th day are requested to retain the counterfoils of their tickets. We would collect the numbers from all theaters that are playing Sravanamasam during those 10 days. We prepare the duplicates of those numbers and draw the lucky one by inviting a celebrity. After declaring the counterfoil number, we would go to the winner's house and present him/her with 1/5 kg of the gold on 11th day after release. If that number were not claimed by anybody, we would draw another chit and declare the winner. We will also pay the gift tax on the same.

What made you direct this film?
I am confident of my abilities. In the past too, I delivered blockbusters whenever I was given a free hand. PAP (Prasad Art Pictures) Subba Rao and D Rama Naidu gave me full freedom in my work as writer and the films done in their combination - Police Brothers, Preyasi Raave and Sivayya - went on to become blockbusters. I wrote as per the demand of script and tastes of filmmakers in the past. Sravanamasam is a film of my taste. I can confidently say that I am better than 90% of film directors and 80% of dialogue writers of present generation. This film is a clean family entertainer with no obscenity. Not a single scene of this film was reshot.

Why did you select Marudhuri Raja when you could write dialogues?
Producing film is a huge responsibility. This is essentially a comedy film. Marudhuri Raja is a better writer in comedy department. I wanted to delegate writing aspect so that I could concentrate on my new job of director.

What is the reason behind casting new face Karthikeya?
The real name of Karthikeya is Ajay Goud. He is from a poor family. He came to me once and pleaded me to take him as hero. He said that he is capable of doing any scene and uttering any dialogue. I liked his confidence and commitment. I selected him without doing a screen test. He performed a scene with half-a-page length dialogue in first attempt successfully on the day one.

What about the business of this film?
We sold out this film for all areas. But I am still having deficit of few lakhs. I can't blame anybody as it shot over budget due to lack of experience. I did not want to compromise on few aspects. But I am happy!

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