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Plagiarism Controversy at AP Film writers union
scoop - plagiarism controversy at Telugu film writers union

5th December 2002
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NTR's latest film in the direction of Raja Mouli has gone to floors today. It also generated a never before plagiarism controversy. As per the rumors circulated in tinsel town, the story of this film belongs to a budding writer named G Srinivasa Rao (also called as GSR and Engineer in the writer circles). That writer has been narrating the story to lots of producers since one year. Dr. Rama Naidu okayed the story, but could not start the project due to the set backs he received due to 'Nee Premakai' and 'Hai'. Vakada Appa Rao (of Supergood banner) also got impressed by the story and it was not materialized due to some unknown reasons.

The same story was narrated to the producer Trivikram Rao and at that time noted writer Vijayendra Prasad, who happened to be there at that spot, is said to have commended and complimented GSR for the story. Later on Vijayendra Prasad narrated the same story to VMC guys who were in desperate need of a good story for their stalled project with NTR. VMC banner Okayed that story and started their film in the direction of Raja Mouli, son of Vijayendra Prasad.

After coming to know the glaring similarities in these two storylines, CSR has complained it to AP Film Writers Union. There is a method of registering stories at AP Film Writers Union. All one has to do is to write the story on a plain paper and submit it to AP writers union in a sealed cover. In case of any accusing of plagiarism, the union members would open the sealed cover and compare the stories and submission dates. And who ever submit the story first would be the righteous owner.

GSR is said to have registered his story a year back and Vijayendra Prasad seems to have submitted his story very recently. Now it's the time of AP Film writers union to open the sealed covers to compare the stories. If the GSR's accusation were true, it would be a great injustice to a budding film writer. We have to wait and what the real truth in the days to come.

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End of the Scoop

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