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by Indian Pride
7th October 2003
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TAGORE - An Amalgam of 'Nava'rasas

Ever since the film industry came into existence, moviemakers have always dreamt of making successful films filled with a bowl of emotions. They wanted to make films that have all the navarasas embedded into a single film. Many movie makers have already succeeded in making such movies. However it's been very long time, since we have a film that has all the navarasas embedded in it.

After a very long time a right film has indeed arrived at the right time for the delight of the audience. It is none other than the latest Blockbuster TAGORE. Tagore is an amalgam of all the navarasas. You can feel them through out the movie from the first frame to the last. Let me bring out some of the scenes where we can indeed feel the impact or presence of Navarasas in the recent Blockbuster TAGORE.

  • Sringara Rasa (Erotica): This is the popular of all the navarasas, which concerns itself with lady love adorning herself for her beloved. The chirpy and sexy Shriya, portrayed these emotions with utmost zeal and passion. After watching Manmadha Manmadha song in TAGORE, one will start doubting if Shriya and Chiru are the replicas of the devine Rathi & Manmadha pair. This divine love between these two is beautifully narrated and displayed in Tagore.

  • Hasya Rasa (Comedy) : This indeed is the toughest of all to portray. It's not any easy job to make the audience laugh with our deeds. The Comedy scene that Chiru does at the Pelli choopulu is just an example of the Comic treat to the viewers.

  • Karuna Rasa (Compassion) : When the Mother of one of the ACF members comes to the police station to console her kid, She explains to the officer how great TAGORE is. Followed by this, Praksh Raj explains, how loyal these people were to their Master, TAGORE. Impressed by these words of emotion, a light Compassion gives birth in the eyes of that officer, Puneet Eassar and he utters -NAAKU OKASAARI ATANNI CHOODALANI UNDI .. These are best ever expressed emotions by any of the supporting actors to a big movie like TAGORE.

  • Raudra Rasa (Anger) : You can see the Raudram in Chiru's face when he gives a warning to him and compels him to sign the documents for the poor. The way he says TONGUE TEGUDDI .. is just an example of this.

  • Veera Rasa (Bravery) : After being defeated in the hands of crooked villains, the way he manages to build his ACF to eliminate the corrupt officials forms the courageous and brave attitude of TAGORE.

  • Bhayanaka Rasa (Fear) : TAGORE's elimination of corrupt officials spread like a tremor to all departments of the public/private sector. Fearing threat from TAGORE, each official started to work sincerely without any bribery.

  • Bhibhatsa Rasa (Disgust) : The sickening opposition felt by the villains due to the damage made by TAGORE and his army(ACF) in their vow to curb the corruption is worth a word of mention.

  • Adbhuta Rasa (Wonder) : This refers to the picturisation of the scenes of heroism. All the settings for the songs are very rich and lavish. One can think this is the best ever screening of songs on just the settings without having gone to foreign locales for the songs. The climax scene elevating the heroism of TAGORE is the greatest for any movie that one has ever known.

  • Shanta Rasa (Quiescence) : Through out the movie Chiru has kept his cool head presenting the emotions as and when required. Deeds speak more than words. The way he kept his cool when conversing with VVV at one of the crucial scenes is really worth watching, rather than describing here.

Tagore is a movie of emotions with some gripping story and a very tight screenplay. More than any thing else it's an eye treat to watch the flood of emotions showering on screen from MIGHTY MEGASTAR CHIRANJEEVI. Tagore will remain as a Milestone in Chiru's career. Tagore - An amalgam of Navarasas!!!

(IBDB member)

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