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Open Letter to Chiranjeevi
You are at Home > Community > Open Letters is frequently visited by all the Telugu film industry celebrities, who are net savvy. Here is a platform for the fans to express their sincere suggestions to their stars. Write open letters to your stars and we make sure that they are read by your favorite hero. But make sure that all the letters are positive-minded! You can send your open letters to [email protected]


Hi Chiru,

I am a fan of your's since my Childhood. And never missed a film of yours even though I was at Vizag few years and then in Chennai for so many years. Currently I am working as a Software Engineer in Singapore. In this Open Letter, I have given my experiences when I saw Chiru and some suggestions.

I have seen you (2 times) and met you (1 time) in Chennai. But I cannot forget those 3 days on which I was able to see you face to face, so near the dream of every Chiranjeevi fan.

First time is when there was "Alludugaru" 100 days function at Chennai Palmgrove Hotel. At that time, I could just get a "Shake Hand" from you while you are leaving in that white Car, with Allu Arvind who was accompanying you. That was the first time I have ever seen "Chiru" face to face. ( Even though there are lot of other big stars, directors of telugu film industry.. like... Jayasudha, Mohanbabu, Dasari Narayana Rao, Divya Bharathi, K Raghavendra Rao, Ramya Krishna....etc... All eyes are on our one and only Chiru.)

Second time is the day which I cannot forget in my life time (at Music Academy, Chennai when you came for receiving "UGADI PURASKARAM"), because after coming so near to you and after giving you my Autograph book, I was not able to get your "Autograph", because at the same moment, the Chief Guest (Bhishma Narayan Singh, Governor of TN at that period) has arrived, and you told.. "vaddamma bagodu...chief guest vacharu kadaa" and all fans were sent back to their seats who came to get autograph. I liked that respect which you gave to the Chief Guest, but that was bad luck for me.. even after my autograph book was received at your hands, I missed to get your Autograph.

Third time (this time I was able to only see him ) is the day which happened at the function of "Alludaa Majakaa..!! " 100 days function at MGR Film city ( JJ Film City at that time) in Chennai. I could still remember that day, it was cloudy in the evening and later it started raining and in that rain (drizzling later) the function started and ended well. But this time... I could not reach you because of rain, crowd, and stage was at a height ... etc .. reasons.

Those were the 3 moments which I cannot forget .... but still the desire to meet him, speak to him, etc.. has not ended, it still continues..!!!

Coming to suggestions Chiru,

I am not so great to give suggestions and advices to others, but if my suggestion as a audience helps You (chiru) then, I will be happiest person.


1. I think people have never changed in one particular interest, that is "Comedy" which is nothing but complete entertainment when one comes to a theatre and sit and watch a movie, they want to forget everything and simply enjoy, laugh and go out with relief. That is where the satisfaction of Audience exists.

So please never take up films like "Daddy" which is more or less a Complete Sentiment Film and involves more of crying etc, which our audience are seeing almost daily in "TV Serials".

Also... Adventurous movies like "MrugaRaju", since our audience never encouraged (90%) adventurous films in Telugu (that too now-a-days).

Your films like... Gharana Mogudu, Jagadega Veerudu Athiloka Sundari, GangLeader, Master, Choodalani Vundi, Hitler, Bavagaru Bagunnara are really good and people expect such films from you.

I can go further down in your films, but that trend not still exists. There are films like.. Challenge, Khaidi, Donga Mogudu. Etc, which are also good but people don't see such movies now a days.

2. Dances.... in your movies have changed, may be due to your age, dance directors are not giving you some fast steps as they were before.. But people still expect some new steps from you, like "Habibi" song in Hitler, "Bangaru Kodi petta" in Gharana Mogudu, "Gang Leader" in Gang Leader , "Rama Chilakamma" in Choodalani Vundi....etc..

So...we would like to see some good steps in your coming movies!!!!
(why don't you try dance master "Prabhu Deva" again, and also you can have "Lawrence", who gives some nice steps)

3. Music has also changed in your movies. I find that some of your recent films, have slow songs, melodies, which can be acceptable one per movie but not more.
Singers. Please don't try "Sukhvinder Singh", "Udit Narayan" etc, whose voice doesn't suits yours. Sometimes "Udit Narayan" seems to be Ok, but not always. You can have "Hari Haran", "Mano", "SPB", who really suits your voice. When they sing songs for you, we can really imagine "you" singing the song. But when "sukhvinder singh" or "udit narayan" sings, we cannot say for whom they are singing, because they sing in the same way for all actors, that is the biggest disadvantage.

Many to say! But I don't know if IdleBrain would allow... :-) Since, the letter is already long. ( I think Jeevi is thinking it is Toooo Long :-) )

Thanks for IdleBrain for giving such an opportunity to post our views, suggestions, experiences, etc through such a good concept (Open Letter ) on IdleBrain.

Bye Chiru.... ( KC sir... I think this is how people will call you in the FILM Industry.... , if not, sorry!)
Thanks & Regards

([email protected]) .

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You can send your open letters to [email protected]
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