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Year 2002 Special - Heroine of the year
- Vanaparthy Ranganath

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Shatruvu Intiki Simhamla Ravadam naaku nachindi
Maa Annalni Edurinchatamlo nee magatanam nachindi
Chirutha puli laanti nee choopu nachindi
Greeku Shilpam laanti nee figure nachindi
Nee nadakalo nee style nachindi, antenduku,
total gaa nee body lo unna anuvanuvu naaku nachesayi..

reacts Aarti Agarwal looking at the grace of Chiru in the movie Indra. Aarti enacts the role of Snehalata Reddy in the movie Indra. The role had shades of a woman who falls in love at first sight with the hero, an adamant yet loveable sister, a jealous woman who can't see any other woman beside her husband and that revenge seeking SEEMA lady waiting to crush the opponent. Aarti portrays all the emotions in a balanced manner and adds punch to the character. And she does act well not only in Indra, but in a sizeable amount of other movies this year earning the HEROINE OF THE YEAR 2002 tag to her career. Let us see what made her THE HEROINE of the year.

Arti Agarwal spl
Arti Agarwal Photos
Nuvvu Naaku Nachav
Nuvvu Leka Nenu Lenu
Allari Ramudu
Nee Sneham

Fresh from the success of Nuvvu Naaku Nachav last year, Aarti started this year with Nuvvu Leka Nenu Lenu co-starring with Tarun. The prestigious Suresh Productions banner produced the movie. The scenes where she has petty quarrels with Tarun, the scene wherein she makes fool of Brahmanandam in the temple, the scene where she realises that she is in love with Tarun and the scenes where she goes thru emotional turmoil trying to express her love to Tarun were the highlights of the movie. She looked more glamorous and also did dances well in this movie. After NLNL, Aarthi co-starred with NTR in the movie Allari Ramudu. She enacted the role of Mythili, a rich girl who falls in love with a servant only to know that he is her relative. She acted well in that role but it was her dances coupled with the hero which brought her more recognition. Rendu Vela Rendu varaku being the highlight.

After she tasted the biggest success of her life with Indra, she co-starred with the prince of tollywood Mahesh in the movie Bobby. She enacts the role of Bhagyamathi, the daughter of handicapped mafia leader Yadagiri. She acted well in the scenes where she talks with her Mother's photo, youth joint and bus scenes with Mahesh. The climax scene where she gets hits with the bullet and says "Tappu Cheddama" with Mahesh was received well by the audience. Her dances in the songs "Pullani Pullattu" and "Lalu darwaja" were good.

Aarthi then starred in the movie Nee Sneham , a role which was much different than the love stories she had been doing. Her role of a girl who grows beside her grandpa suited her well. She looked convincingly well like the girl next door in those white chudidars. The scenes where she asks for the broken coconut keeping her hand behind her grandpa's back, the scene where she shouts on Udaykiran after her grandpa's demise, her expressions when she sees the flowers bouquet's on her birthday, her getting frustrated seeing udaykiran fighting with the villain in the college, scenes wherein she realises that she actually loves Uday and not jatin showed her acting capabilities. She displayed all the emotions in a convincing manner in this movie thereby stealing the limelight from both the heroes.

The year 2002 saw Aarthi emerge from a one hit heroine to a successful and a reasonably matured artist. Idlebrain congratulates Aarthi for her success in this year and wishes her all the best in the future assignment.

2002 special

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