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Year 2002 Special - Tollywood's youth heroes
- Vanaparthy Ranganath

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Nee navvula tella dananni nagamalli appadingindi
Ivvaddu ivvaddu ivvaddu
Nee pedavula erra dananni gorintake aruvadigindi
Ivvaddu ivvaddu ivvaddu ..

goes one of the chartbuster's of 2002 written by chandrabose. The song is from the movie Adi starring NTR and Keerthi chawla. Aadi, a story of rayalseema's Adi Keshava Reddy was one of 2002's blockbusters. The movie had a storyline wherein a young boy's parents are murdered by the villain's group and how the boy grows up and takes the revenge on the group. The success of this movie brought NTR the much-needed mass image, an image that many heroes crave for. NTR's powerful dialogue delivery added with the needed emotions brought the needed effect on the silver screen. His acting capabilities in the romantic and comedy scenes were also appreciated by the masses. After Adi, NTR acted in Allari Ramudu, a movie directed by veteran B.Gopal. The movie had the "Atta-Alludu" tit for tat story line. NTR's dances were highlight in the movie. With the success of both the movies in 2002, NTR was crowned as the "youth hero of 2002" by the tollywood viewers.


Nithin stormed tollywood with 'Jayam'. Jayam had a storyline wherein an innocent, poor, college going guy falls in love with his classmate, a girl from a rich family. Visualised by Teja, the movie created record collections more than 20 crores, a feat, which is very rare for a first timer. Nithin impressed the audiences with his innocent looks, natural acting, reasonably good dances and above all impressive fights. Incidentally, Nithin is only the second hero belonging to the Telangana region after Andhra MGR T.L.Kantha rao. Having projects with many big banners under his belt, it remains how Nithin would fare in the coming year.

Uday Kiran:

Fresh from the success of two blockbusters from last year, Uday kiran started this year with the movie Kalusukovalani. The movie turned out to be an average at the box office. Uday kiran played the protaganist's role that falls in love with a girl in a trip and keeps searching for the girl till the end of the movie. After kalusukovalini, uday experimented with Sriram, a story of a youngster who wants to become a police officer. The movie did not fare well at the box office and though uday's acting was impressive, he could not get the appreciation of the audience. Following that he featured in Holi along with Richa, a love story again which bombed at the box office. Then came "Nee Sneham", a love-story that had some variety in it. The movie had shades of friendship, sacrifice, closeness amongst neighbours, college scenes and a bit of comedy embedded into the fabric of the story. Uday kiran's acting had an undercurrent of love and sacrifice. The movie though a bit dragging got uday the much needed break after three not-so-successful movies.


The prince of tollywood entered the year with Takkari Donga, a cowboy kind of movie made in Telugu after 15 years. The movie was shot in beautiful locales in Utah, Nasik and other places. Mahesh's stunts were widely appreciated in the horse-riding scenes and also in the rope scenes. The scenes wherein he loots the treasure from the train, discovers where the real treasure lies in the forest brought him wide acclaim from the industry as well as the audience. Satyanand's dialogues added spice to his character. His dancing skills were re-iterated in most of the songs. After TD, Mahesh starred in Bobby along with Arti Agarwal. Mahesh's dialogue delivery had an undercurrent of comedy and sarcasm in this movie. The scenes where he replies to Brahmanandam were the highlight of the movie. This year, Mahesh could not get the big hit which he is probably looking for, but with projects like Nijam under the direction of Teja and Okkadu, we can definetely hope for a big hit in the coming year.


Started the year with the successful Nuvvu Leka Nenu Lenu under the prestigious Suresh Productions banner co-starring with Arti. The movie had a typical tarun story of loving-but-not-expressing type of love story. However, the witty dialogues and good songs made it a good hit. After that Tarun starred in Adrushtam along with Gajala and Reema Sen, the movie did not fare well at the box office. Then came Nuvve Nuvve starring Shreya and Tarun. The movie was directed by Trivikram, the witty one-liners again helped the movie. Overall, this year was pretty good for Tarun

Tarak Rathna:

This year saw the introduction of Tarak Rathna as the heir of the legendary Nandamuri family. Tarak starred in the movie okatava number kurradu. NTR's performance was appreciated by many though the movie was not that successful at the box office. Then came Yuvarathna, a story where the guy falls in love with the girl next door and how they unite. Tarak's dances were appreciated in this movie. Hope the coming year would be good for this young hero.


Prabhas, introduced to tollywood as Eeshwar by Jayant gave a decent performance for a new comer in this mass movie. The story of a dhoolpet guy falling in love with the MLA's daughter had all the needed twists. His dialogue delivery probably impressed the audience more. His dialogues in the scene where he gets beaten up by the inspector and ferociously says "Debbaki Debba teeyaka pothe na abbaki puttinonne kadu" made the audience remember the legendary Krishnam Raju's performance in yester year movies. His comedy touch was also nice, "Mein Dhoolpet ka raja hoon" and " maa dostulu navvutaru" were probably some of them.

EVV brothers:

This year also saw the introduction of both the sons of EVV Satyanarayana as heroes. Rajesh Aryan was introduced in the movie Hai and Sontham. Though the movie had the typical EVV style sarcasm, it was not successful at the box office. It was EVV's second son Naresh who stole the limelight this year. Ravi babu in the movie Allari rightly extracted his acting prowess and he became 'Allari Naresh'. The most positive point about this young hero being his comedy timing and the correct expressions in his face. "Appu, nuvvu kaka naaku evarunnare" kind of dialogues brought the needed effect in the movie. Naresh also acted in the movies "Dhanalakshmi… I love you" and also the latest Thottigang in this year.

This year we also saw heroes like Rohit (Girl friend, Chandra Vansam) making their presence felt in Tollywood. But, the absence of power star this year definetely took some spice away from the competition. Let's hope that the young heroes with exciting projects under their belt give the senior tollywood heroes a run for their money in the coming year.

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