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Movie review - Prayatnam

Jeevi rating: 2.5/5
: Good attempt & Poor result
Sravya Films
: Pruthvi, Sujitha, Nagababu, Tanu Roy, LB Sriram, Krishna Bhagawan, Raghu Babu, Surya, Chitram Seenu, Narsing Yadav, Duvvasi Mohan, Raghunadha Reddy, Jenni, Y Ravindra Babu, Venkata Ratnam, Kavitha, Rajitha, Padma Jayanthi.
Music: Saketh Sairam
Art: DV Suresh Krishna
Cinematography: SV Sivaram
Story - dialogues - lyrics - screenplay - direction - producer: P Sunil Kumar Reddy
Theatrical release date: 5th March 2005


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Pruthvi (Pruthvi) is son of a millionaire businessman Raghunath (Raghunatha Reddy) in Chennai. He marries poor girl Sujitha (Sujitha) against the wishes of his father. Pruthvi and Sujitha reach Hyderabad and start their life afresh. In order to make fast buck, Pruthvi falls into the trap of a conman and loses hefty amount which he has taken as debt from a neighbor. He almost makes an attempt to suicide, but decides to face the reality and make an attempt to live and payback the debts. The rest of the story is all about how Pruthvi achieves his target and lives his life to the fullest.

Artists Performance

Pruthvi and Sujitha are adequate for the leading roles. Both of them gave realistic performances. LB Sriram is excellent with his typical dialect. Tanu Roy is effective in the role of a harassed girl. Naga Babu's character as cop is entertaining. Comedy by Krishna Bhagavan is a plus.

Technical Departments:

Story - screenplay - direction: The basic storyline of the film is good as it preaches positive attitude and encourages the viewers to make positive efforts to solve the problems than succumb to them. Screenplay of the film is very slow. Direction is adequate. The interval point of showing the clock and then restarting another version of story is novel. The way director shown the frustration of eve harassment by Tanu Roy's character is good. Tanu Roy's outburst in police station is the highlight of this film. On the flip side, the film lacks what the big screen of Telugu cinema demands - comprehensiveness in narration. The entire first half appears more like dragged TV serial with prolonged scenes and unnecessary episodes.

Other departments: Music by Saketh Sairam is mediocre. Cinematography by SV Sivaram is adequate. Dialogues are good in parts. This film is made on shoe-string budget

Analysis: First half of the film is mediocre and it shows suicides in detail. The suicide part before interval tests your patience. Second half of the film is better entertaining and it shows positive aspects of lives. Tanu Roy's police station episode is really good. The main drawbacks of the film is the narration that reminds us of TV serials and lack of comprehensiveness. Films like 'Prayatnam' should be encouraged as they have good message in them. But, these films should be made in more convincing manner to reach the public. Otherwise, films like 'Prayatnam' might just end up winning Nandi awards and do not help society as they do not reach the target audience.

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