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Interview with Sharwanand
Date: June 24, 2008, Hyderabad

Only a few films to inspire us to emulate! Chiranjeevi’s Swayam Krishi is one of those inspiring films and 100’s of people used it as an inspiration to come up in life with no background. Young actor Sharwanand is one such guy. He has no filmy background and struggled his way to become a hit hero after 11 films. met Sharwanand for an exclusive interview. Here are the excerpts -

Tell us about your background?
I am born in Vijayawada and brought up in Hyderabad. I completed my B.Com in Wesley’s. I do not have any filmy background.

How did you enter into the films?
I used to participate for theater at school. I was an average student in studies. I wanted to enter into films. I went to Mumbai and done acting course in Kishore Namith Kapoor acting institute. I knew nobody in the film industry and struggled for one and half years. It was a painful experience. My confidence levels were at the rock bottom. Then I went to Vizag to learn more about acting from Satyanand.

That is when I got my first film ‘5va Tarikhu’. It did not even run for a week. My position came back to square one. I waited for six more months and did not get any project. I went to the opening of Gowri film and director Ramana observed me. He signed me to the role of one of Sumanth’s buddies in that film. I did a hero role in my first film and had to settle for a side character in the second film. It was the hard reality and I had to accept it.

I continued doing roles in films like Shankar Dada MBBS, Yuva Sena, Sankranthi, Vennela, Lakshmi, Amma Cheppindi, Veedhi and Classmates.

Gamyam changed it all
Gamyam film changed the course of my acting career. I almost thought of quitting films. I took a break for 3 months after Gamyam shoot and went to USA. I took an apartment over there and was on the verge of abandoning my film career. That is when the Gamyam film was released. My life changed after the Gamyam’s release. I am a busy actor now.

What are the films you are doing now?
I am currently doing a couple of Tamil films. One is the remake of Gamyam. I am doing the same role I played in the Telugu original. Kamalinee is also being repeated. Ravi Krishna (AM Ratnam’s son) plays Gaali Seenu character. I am doing another Tamil film in the direction of Vinayan.

I also committed three films in Telugu. My next Telugu film will commence in August 2008.

Why are you doing all serious and sophisticated roles?
I am being offered serious and sophisticated roles. Emoting is tough while doing those roles because there will not be any buffer in terms of comedy or heroism. And dialogues will be less. I give importance to what director says. I feel that I am representing the ideas of the director on the screen.

Though both of you put good show in Gamyam film, Allari Naresh walked away with tremendous appreciation. Don’t you feel left out?
What matters for me at this point of time is a hit film and I got one through Gamyam. I am happy for Naresh for the credit he gets. And he deserves it too. I am happier for him because he did not mind doing a sacrificing character in which I am the hero. Allari Naresh is the backbone of Gamyam film. I am glad that Allari Naresh is open for new ideas and innovative roles. Many more young heroes should come forward to make multi-hero projects. It will make a lot of difference to Telugu film industry.

What kind of roles do you prefer?
At this point of career, I am content with selecting the better roles among the films I am offered.

What are your best roles so far?
Undoubtedly my character in Amma Cheppindi followed by Gamyam.

How different are Gunnam Gangaraju and Krish?
Gunnam Gangaraju used to always keep me in control while doing the role of mentally challenged guy. He never allowed me to over-act. And it came out very well. Krishna used to okay my shots in the first take.

How is the support of your family?
My family is broadminded and they always let me choose my profession. I got the best support from them.

Are you interested in any technical aspects of filmmaking?
I am very fond of editing. I want to learn editing at personal level. I feel that a film’s fate can be changed with a good/bad editing. One can do magic. I bought a Mac recently and I will be loading FCP Pro soon start practicing editing.

What are your hobbies?
I am obsessed with movies. Hence I won’t find any time to pursue any hobby.

What are your favorite films?
Life is beautiful, Swayam Krushi, Geetanjali and Prema. I am inspired by Swayam Krushi film in real life as I also came to this level due to Swayam Krishi without any industry connections.

How are you connected with Ram Charan Teja?
Ram Chran Teja has been my friend since the days of my 9th class when I practiced badminton with him. RaNa (son of D Suresh Babu) is also my classmate since 7th class.

Any love interest?
I had a crush on a girl in my 9th class. But now I want to concentrate on my career.

What about marriage?
I am 24 years old now. I want to think about marriage only after 3 years.

How do you party?
I prefer coffee shops (Irani Chai and Ofen). Among the pubs I prefer Touch.

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