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Chitchat with Raghu Babu
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Raghu Babu - son of veteran Telugu film actor Giri Babu - is a late bloomer. Krishna Vamsi gave him commercial break to him in Murari and Khadgam. VV Vinayak gave an image to Raghu Babu through Aadi. But Raghu Babu's biggest break as an actor came through VV Vianayak's latest film Bunny. All the film lovers who watched Bunny are talking about Raghu Babu's performance and his impeccable comedy timing. Here is chitchat with Raghu Babu on this eve -

8th April 2005

Tell us about you journey as an actor so far?
I had no aspirations to become an actor. But Director (Late) Satya Reddy insisted that I act in the film 'Dongalunnaru Jagratha' in 1991. That film bombed. Later on I acted in a couple of films which went unnoticed. Once I started acting in films, that acting itch has gotten over me. I had no good educational background as I failed my 10th class. Hence I had no other job to do; I wanted to continue in acting. But nobody gave any offers to me in films. My father Giri Babu is not that kind of person who recommends me to producers/directors. He is against recommendation and feels that I should earn the roles with my own talent.

I shifted to Television media and started acting in various serials aired on E TV, Gemini TV and DD8. I had aspirations to become a producer. During that time I also acted in around 30-40 stage plays under the guidance of veterans like Rallapally, Ramana Murthy and PJ Sharma. I won Nandi award for my performance in Gandhi Jayanthi natakam in which I played the role of Yadagiri.

Krishna Vamsi cast me to act as brother of Sonali Bendre in Murari film. We never met earlier. Sivaji Raja, Brahmaji and Kishore (director of unreleased film Mr. Erra Babu) have recommended me to Krishna Vamsi. I acted in films after a gap of almost 10 years for Murari. I got appreciation for that character. But I did not get any immediate offers in Telugu.

VV Vinayak called me one day and said that he was impressed with me in Murari film and he particularly etched a character called Gangi Reddy in his script of 'Aadi'. The stupendous hit of Aadi has paved way to more roles for me. My career started blossoming from Aadi. I got the serious characters of smalltime villain and henchman.

It was Krishna Vamsi again who brought the comedian out of me. My comical character of 'Production Manager' in Khadgam got appreciated a lot. From then onwards I was also getting comedy-oriented baddie characters. My performance in Dil and Kabaddi Kabaddi were worth mentioning.

So far I acted in around 50 films.

Tell us about your role in Bunny?
I got my biggest break with the role of 'Soori' character in Bunny film. The combination of Prakash Raj and me in Bunny is similar to that of Rao Gopal Rao and Allu Ramalingaiah in old films. In the first half, I play as the goon who thinks that he is a big shot in rowdies. In the second half, he becomes a guddi goonda. Film lovers are enjoying my role and I have been flooded with telephone calls from 6th April onwards congratulating my performance. I would like to thank Prakash Raj, MS Narayana and Venu Madhav for their contribution in elevating my character. I also would like to thank director VV Vianayak, Allu Arvind, M Satyanarayana Reddy, Allu Arjun and other technicians.

Tell us about your role in NVNV?
MS Raju and Prabhu Deva are passionate filmmakers. When they asked me to do the comedy-oriented goon role, they wanted it to be different from my earlier characters. I modulated my voice to imitate MR Radha (of Tamil films). That character has comedy coming out of his innocence.

Which type of characters do you personally like?
Though I am willing to do all kind of characters, I personally like comedy villain roles.

When are you going to do the role of main villain?
I guess I am not ready for it yet. Let me climb the ladder step by step.

In our Telugu film industry, directors/writers have the tendency of transforming Telugu-based serious villains into comedy villains. Are you not afraid that you would be branded as comedy villain in future?
No. People also enjoy my performances as serious villain too. My role in Kabaddi Kabaddi was a very comedy-oriented one. Dil was released 10 days after Kabaddi Kabaddi. My character in Dil was of serious kind. People liked Dil character as well. I think I have the versatility to do justice to all kinds of characters.

What are the films you are currently acting in?
PB Arts film (Bala Krishna), Jagapati, Srikanth's film (produced by Tammudu Satyam), Mr. Erra Babu (Sivaji), Manoj film (directed by Dasarath), Raja Sekhar's film, ML Kumar Chowdary's film (directed by Devi Prasad) etc.

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