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Scoop: Tiff between Teja and Murali Mohan

30th April 2003
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Teja has signed Murali Mohan for a powerful CBI officer role in Nijam film and shot with him for 4 days. After seeing the rushes Teja felt that the force is missing in the histrionics of Murali Mohan. Hence he met Murali Mohan and requested him that he would be replacing him. A shocked Muralimohan told that it's unethical on part of Teja.

Teja however signed Prakash Raj and went ahead with the reshoot of the 4 days episode with Prakash Raj. Irked by this, Murali Mohan has lodged a complaint with MAA and AP Film Producers Counsel. He is said to have demanded 50 lakhs as compensation from Teja. Murali Mohan has also given a breakup about how he is going to use that 50 lakhs collected from Teja. Murali Mohan would give 25 lakhs to MAA and donate remaining 25 lakhs to 'Daiva Sannidi' - a temple complex coming up in Film Nagar.

However, it is learnt that Teja is planning to put a counter case in producers counsel claiming that he would be losing 2.13 crores because of Muralimohan. He attributed this loss to Muralimohan's inability to produce the effect Teja wanted for his Nijam film. He paid 25 lakhs as remuneration to Prakash Raj. He also added the production cost for the extra 4 days. He also paid advances to the exhibitors as he was planning to release Nijam on 7th of May 2003. Because of the reshoot, this film would be postponed to 14th May. By including all these costs, Teja has decided that the total estimated additional cost is 2.13 crores. He is planning to lodge a complaint and collect this money from Muralimohan. Out of 2.13 crores collected, Teja want to donate 1 crore to the directors association and remaining 1.13 crores to an orphanage.

We do not know the validity or veracity of this information and complaints. This is the hottest gossip that is making rounds in Film Nagar. However, few actors felt that Prakash Raj would have met Muralimohan and take a friendly permission before accepting the offer from Teja.

We have to wait and see what turn it would take in the days to come!

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End of the Scoop

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