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My Movie - Lakshmi Narayana
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9th February 2004
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Lakshmi Narasimha

When someone goes to a movie, he wants to see his fantasy in the movie. He will feel good if the same is fulfilled in the movie. Different people have different tastes. So every director and every actor tries to fulfill the fans wishes. If the director succeeds to portray what the fan wants and if the actors in the movie thrive fantasy of the fan, it will be a good movie for not only the fans of the actor but also it will metamorphose into an all time good movie. One of the recent movie comes in to this category is Laxminarasimha. The movie has the heroic action of Balakrishna, glamour of Asin, a felon Prakash Raj and a remarkable actor "Kalatapasvi" Viswanath.

Now a days people want to see some thing different on the silver screen, which is making roads to new talents. One of those talents can be found in director Jayanth. His every movie is a different movie. He tries to give treatment of the subject in a new approach. I believe that he succeeded to do that in his new venture Laxminarasimha.

This movie was one of the most awaiting movies in my life. I remember the days when I was in Andhra. The day Balayya movie releases, people used to go and stand in lines for tickets from early morning 2.00AM. By 9.00AM all the roads were used to block. Police were a kind of panicky whenever Balayya movie releases as they have to control the crowds of thousands not hundreds. The same response I saw for this movie, Laxminarasimha. I watched the movie in Hyderabad between huge crowds. It was so exciting by seeing the response of crowds whenever Balayya tells dialogues. I still feel excited whenever I see the AD of Laxminarasimha where Balayya smiles in extraordinary manner and camera rolls from top to bottom.

From past few years, Balayya was doing only Rayalaseema movies, which proven to be all time hits in Andhra. People had doubts whether Balakarishna do any good character instead of factionist. But the LION, Balakrishna is back with Mega Bonanza Laxminarasimha in the role of sturdy inspector. He did 100% judgment to the inspector character and proves to be the idle inspector character till time. The highlight for all songs is a song in which Balayya dances for his sister marriage. Over this entire, movie climax is awesome. Everyone who comes out of the theatre will feel good that they saw a good movie.

I saw the review that Laxminarasimha is drawing huge crowds all over the places. I wish the movie to be a huge success.

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