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Open Letter to Teja
You are at Home > Community > Open Letters is frequently visited by all the Telugu film industry celebrities, who are net savvy. Here is a platform for the fans to express their sincere suggestions to their stars. Write open letters to your stars and we make sure that they are read by your favorite hero. But make sure that all the letters are positive-minded! You can send your open letters to [email protected]


An open letter to Teja

My Dearest Teja,

This letter is just for you and only for you. You said,in the section called "Postmartem", that you are not answerable to those who watch pirated VCDs/DVDs. If you have no answer then dont give. And I think this portion given by is just to discuss the hit and flop of a movie not the pirated things. So plz think twice before what you say.. and ofcourse we critice the movie on any aspect coz we(audiance) are the bread and butter for the film makers.. so we have the right to talk about.

And u used a word called "moral" in "And these guys do not have any moral right to write such open letters". dont use that again. I guess you people dont know its meaning. and you film people can play any kind of cheap techniques to make your film hit ( the best example is your first movie Chitram... The hottest scene.. which spoiled many teenagers).

Ofcourse you have been wished with sucesses I guess just becoz of your good time not at all your work. If you really know what is work then you wouldnt say like this..

If u can copy the scenes from many movies to make your movie (Nuvvu Nenu) why dont the people watch copied VCDS/DVDs/ wat does this bothers you and you people are not making the movies by considering NRIs.. you purely make your films who stay in AP. so dont try to blame on some people who stay away from India.

And I read in your last interview in this website only. You compared RP Patnaik with Late Shree Ghantasala. Ofcourse you and RP are very close friends. But there shold be limit for comparision. You said like After Ghantasla only RP have that inspiring tone in songs. I really felt that this comparision is rediculous.. the reason knows everyone.. try to promote your movie instead of promoting your friends in this way. And you said you are different from other directors and producers.. U have takne example of D. Suresh Babu that they took RP just RP charge less and you took other way(This gives a chance to think about RP's talent.. he is cheap and he can accept anything which comes in his dont give others chance to comment on your friends like RP with your no sense statments)

And I also remember that u said one more thing that you can release your movie against to some producers movie lk.. My Dear Teja.. your making films just coz of you not coz of others so keep this mind.. all your interviews showing this clearly that your intention is take revenge on others.. and all your interviews blames the STARS. If there is not STARS there is no CINEMA.. just keep this in mind.. If Ramoji Rao was not a STAR producers then this Teja might have not know to anyone .. just remember. and its better stop commenting on STARism.

So instead of stating bold statmetns repeatedly concentrate more on film making.. and try to be creative than copying the stories and scenes from other movies.. You can become more creative than now.

I too like you only, I am very candid to say anything which I want to say

[email protected]

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You can send your open letters to [email protected]
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