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4th January 2001
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Mrigaraju Vs Adavi Raju

adavi raju Our readers may be aware that the Chiru's Sankranthi film is made on the lines of Hollywood blockbuster. 'Ghost and the Darkness'. S Madeswari, an unknown producer, is dubbing the Hollywood blockbuster in Telugu with the name Adavi Raju and releasing it in Andhra on 9th January, a two days before it's inspirational film 'Mrigaraju'This film is about a Lion. A lion troubles the workers who are constructing a bridge in the jungle and the hunter shoots the lion down. The rest of the story is about the other lions taking revenge on the Hunter. In the Telugu version of the film, Chiru is acting as the hunter and jack is acting as the lion villain. A bridge was constructed at Mahabaleswar to this effect. The English version has won 5 Oscars. This film will be released with a record number of 97 prints and this film will be a DTS one. The earlier Telugu dubbed Hollywood film release with highest prints was Mummy with 30 prints. 97 prints is a big number. Even some of the films of Top 4 Telugu heroes do not have the luxury of releasing with 97 prints. We have to wait and see if the film Adavi Raju is being released along with Mrigaraju to expose the free making policy of telugu producers and showing the telugu audience what the real taste of original film would be or this film is meant to piggyback the expected success of 'Mrigaraju'.

Lux papa impresses Balayya

balayya asha sainiAsha Saini has come to Telugu cinema field after her short stint in advertising field. She is popularly known as 'Lux Papa', as she acted in a Lux ad earlier. Balyya is supposed to tease her with that name all the time on the sets of Narasimha Naidu. To this effect, a song was penned on her nickname in the film 'Narasimha Naidu'. The lyric of that song goes like this 'Lux papa Lux papa … Lunch ki Vastava .. Ludde korikistava?' This song was pictured on Balayya and Asha Saini in Annapurna studios recently. By today, the shooting part of Narasimha Naidu is completed. This film is slated for 11th January 2001. The entry of Asha Saini has become a major threat for Sanghvi as she is occupying her position as second and third heroine in the most of the films

Chalo Assembly prints seized in Vizag

narayana murthyR Narayana Murthy owes a certain amount of money to Usha Kiron. Usha Kiron distributors, who have distributed R Narayana Murthy's earlier films, did try their settlement by approaching court. The rights of latest Narayana Murthy's film Chalo assembly were given to Sneha Chitra distributors. After hearing the case, Vizag court has decided to seize the prints of Chalo Assembly in Vizag. Hence the film was taken out of Manorama Theater in which it was playing. Usha Kiron is now trying to stop the exhibition of the film all over AP to recover money from Narayana Murthy. Some of the industry insides are gossiping that it was done to support CM Chandra Babu Naidu as that film carried the stern criticism of TDP policies.


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