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Archives - June 2000
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28th June 2000
-> Kalisundam Raa Silver Jubilee function on 9th July
-> Nag to go on Nuvvu Vastavani 'Vijaya yatra spree'.
-> Teja is the man in Demand!
-> Skahi's Double Platinum Disk function to be held.
-> Nag to introduce another débutante director

27th June 2000
-> Aakasa Veedhilo Songs
-> Padmalaya's VAMSI is almost complete
-> Vandemataram is getting ready for the release

26th June 2000
-> Songs Recording of Mahesh-Krishna Vamsi started
-> Srihari to play a double role in Ayodya Ramayya
-> Yash Chopra demands insurance money for 'Mohabbate'

22nd June 2000
-> Badri celebrates Triple Platinum Disk function
-> Jayalaxmi - A new find by SV Krishna Reddy
-> Krishnam Raju to produce more movies

20th June 2000
-> Yuva Samrat Express - A Unique promo for Nuvvu Vastavani
-> Hindustan - Free Ticket for kids below 12 years
-> Bhupinder bags the villain role in Balayya's project
-> Mission Possible?

5th June 2000
-> Three cheers to Three projects: Sumanth
-> Migrating from 1S to 2S to 3S: SV Krishna Reddy
-> Nag and EVV combi film in offing
-> Muppalaneni Siva to turn the RED way

4th July 2000
-> Ravindra Arts new venture kicks off .....
-> Title dilemma
-> Ramya as Andhra Pellam in Kannada
-> Bombay Banned in Srilanka

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