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Archives - September 2000
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27th September 2000
-> Balayya as Dance Master

-> Kamal to act nude

26th September 2000
-> Supergood to make 4 films in Telugu

-> Suri to have a 'Varma' trademark climax

25th September 2000
-> Meena to pair up with Chiru

-> Tenali to be released for Diwali
-> Suresh Productions in other languages

-> Sri Hari gifts Rs 25,000/- to karanam Malleswari

21st September 2000
-> Nandi awards to be presented on 1st November

-> Veerappan is the hottest story subject for the filmmakers

20th September 2000
-> Bhargav Arts film on 9th November

-> Cheppalani Vundi for Sankranthi 2001
-> Chiru donates blood on his Mega brothers birthday
-> Usha Kiron Film's title is 'Shubhavela'

19th September 2000
-> PC Sreeram cans Pawan 'Cheppalani Vundi'

-> SA Raj Kumar to score music for Nag again
-> EVV is moved by the plights of Telugu people in Dubai

18th September 2000
-> Ranji tried 'Vanatha polai' for Mohan Babu

-> Shadow plays an important role in 'Jayam Manadera'

15th September 2000
-> Double Trouble: Venky gets a bad deal

-> Inspired by Real incidents: Hijack and Mandupathara

13th September 2000
-> 'Bachi' to encourage new music director choreographers

-> Viswanath doing a guest role in Chinna
-> Rhythem release in the last week of September

11th September 2000
-> Clash of 3 Titans: Chiru, Venky and Balayya

-> Rayalaseema Ramanna Chowdary gets rave reviews
-> Story of Tenali revealed

-> Poori Jagannath's English Film

7th September 2000
-> Chiru to encourage Poori Jagannath and Teja

-> 'Vayyari Bhama' pairs up with Hrithik.

6th September 2000
-> Srihari Syndicate donates 15.5 lacs for the flood victims.

-> Balayya film to be released on 21st December
-> Good days are back for Usha Kiron films

-> Jayam Manadera release postponed to Vijaya Dasami

4th September 2000
-> Rayalaseema Ramanna Chowdary on 15th September

-> Raja Sekhar - the man with golden heart!
-> Dasari to shoot his songs in abroad for the first time

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