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Archives - march/april/may 2000
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30th May 2000
-> That Gruesome Incident in Sakhi .....
-> SV Krishna Reddy's twin projects
-> Jagapati Babu - A man craving for satisfaction
-> Now its Kushboo's turn
-> Nag to introduce another débutante director

22nd May 2000
-> Venky in Europe
-> Antha Mana Manchike: After splitting with Atchi Reddy and SV Krishna Reddy
-> It takes more than acting to be on Top - Mohan Babu
-> Chiru has 3 reasons to Rejoice

15th April 2000
-> Madhuri's First Live Show in Bangalore
-> Mohan Babu on Cloud Nine
-> Naga Babu to be twice lucky!
-> Raja Vannem Reddy has a sring of producers lined up

25th April 2000
-> Nehru
-> A film by Melody Multimedia
-> Pelli Sambhandam
-> AFJA awards presented

13th April 2000
-> Ilaya Raja to score music for Bhargav Arts film with Balaiah
-> Dr Rama Naidu receives NTR Millennium Lifetime Acheivem,ent Award
-> 'Manoharam': A sensible film

3rd April 2000
-> 'Ninne Premista' Audio Recording trigged off
-> GV is an acquitted man now
-> Upendra New film titles as 'Neetone Untanu'

28th March 2000
-> Sachin to produce a Telugu Film with Teja
-> Raja Sekhar on a remaking spree
-> Chandra Mahesh to direct Vijayasanthi

27th March 2000
-> Azad to have regular Shoot
-> Shankar: One more weapon from the school of Varma
-> 400 doctors donate eyes for Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust

24th March 2000
-> Another Musical Film by Muppalaneni Siva
-> 'Bagunnaraa?': Naveen asks Priya Gill
-> Yuvaraju to be released on 12th April
-> LB Sriram bags 20 more roles

22nd March 2000
-> Badri getting shaped up for 20th April Release
-> 'Okkadu Chaalu' is the title for Rajasekhar's new film
-> Nuvvu Vastaavani speculates lot of hopes

21st March 2000
-> Adavi Chukka and Rajya Sabha MP: A double treat for Dasari
-> Veturi pens another masala memorable lyrics. This time for Yuvaraju
-> Sai Kumar as Sivanna

2oth March 2000
-> Audio of Manoharam Released
-> Upendra to woo lady viewers this time
-> 'Devullu' to have big stars as their trump card

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