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Archives - November 2000
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30th November 2000
-> Balayya's Bhargav Arts on 31st January
-> Another fantasy from Singeetam: Little John
-> Mahabaleswar Bridge for Mrigaraju: 50 lacs

27th November 2000
-> Jayam Manadera celebrates 50 days in style
-> One-sided love marks the story of 'Priyamaina Neeku'
-> Anji slated for April release: confirms Shyam Reddy

22nd November 2000
-> It's party time for Telugu cinema stars
-> It's always been the fight between the poor and the rich
-> Chennai producers act tough

21st November 2000
-> Laya to play blind in Rama Naidu's film
-> Jeevita to wield the microphone
-> Ramma Chilakamma - Sumanth teases Laya
-> Orey Tammudu - another Arun film

17th November 2000
-> Nag's new film started
-> It's Kondaveeti Simhasanam for Dasari and Mohan Babu
-> Balayya in Simhagiri
-> Blue Films Seized In Hyderabad

16th November 2000
-> Simran prefers Balayya to Chiru
-> Venky to debut in Tamil through Supergood films
-> It's Multiplex time in India.

14th November 2000
-> Lahiri Lahiri Lahirilo ..... by YVS and Hari Krishna
-> Ammo Bomma - Rajendra Prasad second film as hero in his second innings
-> Nag elected as president of MAA

13th November 2000
-> New faces in Usha Kiron movies
-> Sana Yadireddy takes a U turn
-> Another Cameraman falls to the lure of directorship

9th November 2000
-> The mega target: 5 Chiru films in a span of one year
-> Son of T Krishna to become a hero
-> Laurence, the newfound supergood films hero

7th November 2000
-> Sumanth turns secretive
-> Supergood turns straight with Tarun

6th November 2000
-> Arun Kumar bags four projects
-> Sana Yadireddy gets a catch prize

2nd November 2000
-> MP and MLA sort it out on the screen
-> Eight Devullu in Devullu film

1st November 2000
-> Will January sentiment work for Devi Varaprasad?
-> Nandi Awards - Oh No Not again!!

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