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Archives - October 2000
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31st October 2000
-> Sankranti Sambaraalu
-> Nag's penchant for action films

27th October 2000
-> College - New youth formula
-> It's 'Maa Annayya' for Raja Sekhar
-> Nilambari needs no dubbing lessons

25th October 2000
-> Pawan Kalyan in Calcutta
-> Tarun to star in straight Telugu film by Supergood films
-> Nandi awards presentation postponed

24th October 2000
-> Please Aunty - pleads Ganesh
-> A TV serial on the living legend - Akkineni

23rd October 2000
-> 'Anji' to shoot songs in USA
-> 'Devi Putrudu' to shoot songs in Austria and Switzerland

19th October 2000
-> K Vishwanath to direct a film for Dr. Rama Naidu
-> Padmalaya studios to grab Hindi market
-> Rajasekhar to star in Supergood films

19th October 2000
-> SV Krishna Reddy gets nasty with Nandi awards
-> A fan gets killed in 'Jayam Manadera' stampede

16th October 2000
-> Venky out - Fardeen in - Hindi 'Kalisundam Raa'
-> Tammareddy Bharadwaj to go Hollywood
-> Upendra turns Casanova

14th October 2000
-> 'Maa Aavida meda Ottu - Mee aavida chaala manchidi' (MAMOMACM)
-> SV Krishna Reddy's second remake

12th October 2000
-> YVS jumps the producer's bandwagon
-> Nag to join X-mas aspirants

11th October 2000
-> Junior NTR as hero
-> Venky to do a Tamil film

10th October 2000
-> Nag's second film in Duel role trigged-off
-> EVV's new film started
-> EVV has four Nandi winners for his film

9th October 2000
-> Mahesh Babu as Cowboy

-> Nag's next film of 16th of November

-> Jayam Manadera treasure hunt

4th October 2000
-> Teja Rules

-> Balayya thinks different

3rd October 2000
-> EVV makes a sensible decision

-> 'Maa Manchi Anayya' is the title of Rajasekhar's New film

2nd October 2000
-> Chiranjeevi Charity extended - on 2nd October

-> SV Krishna Reddy to start 'Swarna Yugam'

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