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Interview with Uday Kiran
Date: June 25, 2008, Hyderabad
uday kiran

Uday Kiran, the former Lover Boy of Andhra Pradesh supposes that the delay in his getting back to the past glory was because of the proverbial “7 Sins”. He finds it a difficult thing either to accept or reject the “so-called mass belief” that the power of an influential family was behind his “downfall.” “You know everything. I can’t blame anyone. All that had happened to me is a big lesson. I look forward to the future, remaining at the present, taking just a passing reference from the past.” He contradicts his own priorities. “I don’t want to be categorized into any particular zone. The audience patronized me as Lover boy and they accepted me as a homely hero with homely subjects. I should do justice to their expectations. I am not made for roles which are larger than life. Those who come to me with scripts imagined me in varied dimensions. I should also look into it.” But one thing is for sure. Uday Kiran can no longer allow success to evade him. It’s high time, he grabbed it. This “bad actor off screen” celebrates his birthday on June 26th – with the unit of his latest film Gunde Jhallumandhi, directed by Madhan. Idlebrain wishes him – Happy Returns of the Day. Excerpts from an interview to Idlebrain.

Tell us about your latest film Gunde Jhallumandhi?
We enjoyed the shoot in lively atmosphere. I was like a mudskipper, bubbling with activity and interaction. Gunde Jhallumandhi was a superb script. I have total work satisfaction that I selected the right story. It was presented exactly. The film makes me a confident man. It’s all a Madan’s film. Gunde Jhallumandhi is a peppy love story.

What about your characterization? Will it a Lover Boy?
It’s youthful. Generally, characters revolve round the story. Here, it’s the reversal of it. Story revolves round the characters. Mine is such. Let me talk in general. Anyways, I am thankful to the audiences for identifying me with the image as “Lover Boy”. After eight years of my journey as an actor, I feel more responsible today to justify the expectations of the audience. I have got my own segment of the audience. I don’t see anything wrong in doing such roles again and again. But, I am averse to monotony. People accepted me the way still I am.

Earlier, you did films in tune with your fan following. How different you feel with Madan? He goes by his scripts catering mostly to family-crowds.
Madan’s work can be visualized. When I got ready to work with him, I did see before my eyes his two films Aa Naluguru (as screenplay writer) and Pellaina Kothalo (as director). Both were hits. My observation is that Madan can handle any subject with dexterity - as through him alone could deal it. Moreover, he adds the literary touch to his subjects. That makes him a special technician.

What you achieved as an actor all these eight years?
I take great amount of pride in being an actor. I saw a lot many things. So many ups and downs. Learnt many lessons. My experience taught me to take life as it is. I look forward to the future, live in the present, and just take passing references from the past. I don’t have any regrets. Life itself is a big teacher. When I consider my past, I don’t consider them as sour wounds. They were good lessons. They taught me how to invite change in life. Change is a must. When I came to the industry, I was in a stage of larva. I was a very clean hearted. My passion for films dragged me deep in to the industry. Those days, I was childish. But today, I am a stable man. I don’t say big words like – I am matured. Despite my failures, I have great hope. I am a bad actor off screen. My day will come. Sure.

Why did you films Viyyalavari Kayyalu and Lakshmi Putrudu fail?
My great strength is I am a good worker. I am also an emotional person. To do anything, I need kick. I stick to my guns when it comes to work. I accept my flops. Coming to Lakshmi Putrudu, it was a dubbed film. Most of the audiences came to the theatre, hoping to see me. But, they got disappointed when they came to know that it was a dubbed film. But, they continue to admire me and I am thankful to them. The other film Viyyalavari Kayyalu is not that much bad. But, something goes wrong somewhere. We can’t predict that. It is the case with that. I was happy with VVK as I took a bold decision to work with a big hero like Srihari. For the first time, I came out of the feeling of insecurity while working with a big actor. It was also a good banner with good producer like Sridhar.

Did you accept films in desperation or with zeal during your period of low profile?
Wonderful question. Yes. I was passing through some bad period. When I entered films, I had no guide. When in trouble, the dilemma over career even got doubled. I was in desperation. And I too accepted projects out of desperation, but didn’t compromise at any time. I always thought of doing justice to my work. After all, I love to be an actor. I ever wanted to be famous.

What about your film EkLoveYudu?
Yes, the film is coming well. I am happy with my producer Medikonda Muralikrishna and director KRK. The director thinks energetically. I am very confident of the film’s success.

What kind of roles you prefer most?
Whatever that suits my age, body language and shape.

After your film Sriram, you haven’t done any action films. Why? When can we expect again?
I love to do action films. Sriram is not altogether an action film. In that I played a homely character. An innocent boy, provoked to be violent. One thing is sure. I can’t be doing roles which are larger than life. People have accepted me only as a family boy.

When you look back, how did your career graph appear to you?
I know what my career graph was. Now, I want to create a new career graph for me. I graduated myself from a Bachcha stage to lover boy to chocolate boy. I can’t expect anything to happen like a landslide. I repeatedly believe, I will get my day.

What’s your resolution for this Birthday?
I don’t really take decisions on Birthdays. Taking decisions on birthdays or on particular days sound silly to me. Decisions are based on circumstances and requirements. I celebrate this birthday simply with the unit of Gunde Jhallumandi.

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