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Movie review - Yuvasena (4 The People)
4 The People
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Jeevi rating: 3/5
: another one on anti-corruption
Remake (Malayalam - 4 The People)
Sri Sravanthi Movies
: Bharat, Sarvanand, Kishore, Padma Kumar, Suresh Menon, Gopika, Revathi, Jr. Relangi, Melkote, Jeeva & Narra
Music: Jassie Gift
Lyrics: Sirivennela & Rama Jogaiah Sastri
Dialogues: Marudhuri Raja
Cinematography: Gunasekhar
Choreographer: Shankar
Editing: Manohar
Story - screenplay - direction: Jayaraj
Producer: Sravanthi Ravi Kishore
Theatrical release date
: 12th November 2004


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Vivek (Bharat), Aravind (Sarvanand), Siva (Kishore) and Rafi (Padma Kumar) form a group called '4 The People' who punish the corrupt officials. They work as an anonymous group who operate on the complaints they receive through the website they have launched. Their modus operandi include riding in black bikes wearing all-black attire with a black helmet and chopping off the hands of the corrupt official, leaving a note saying that its the handiwork of '4 The People'. The police department summons an ACP called Sarath Chandra (Suresh Menon) to trace and crack down on '4 The People'. The rest of the story is all about how Sarath Chandra traces the 4 people and how the legacy of '4 The People' continues.

Artists Performance

Sarvanand steals the show among the 4 youngsters. Bharat has flexible dance movements; hence he is used more in dances than in regular story. Kishore and Padma Kumar are adequate. Suresh Menon is impressive as the tough cop. We find only two regular Telugu faces - Jeeva and Narra. Jeeva is good and Narra is excellent. Revathy is fair as the sister of cop and she has more footage in the film than heroine Gopika. Gopika has no role to play in this film except for dancing with Bharat in a couple of songs.

Technical Departments:

Story: 'Yuvasena' is a remake of a film which became blockbuster in Malayalam and Tamil with all most of same cast and crewmembers. Story about anti-corruption has come in earlier films like Bharateeyudu, Nijam, Tagore etc in the past. Both the following threads go parallel in these films.

1. Hero(s) killing/harming the corrupt officials and leaving behind notes as a warning to rest of the officials.
2. A sincere and determined cop trying to solve the killings and find out the person responsible for them.

Screenplay - direction: Taking of the film is trendy and modern. Screenplay of the film is fair. Direction is adequate. Seems like the director did enough homework to checkout how websites work and how to trace the people who access them. But using the idea of '4 The People' to browse the site in the cop's house itself does not go well, as commonsense tells us it is more of a risk than safe. His handling of the first half is adequate. But, he meanders through mundane details in stead of making the main thread of the film interesting in the second half. He also could not handle the film with compactness in order to create tension among the audience about what would be happening next.

Music: The fusion of reggae with Indian ragas makes the music of Jassie gift different from other composers. He also has some kind of strange soothing voice that makes you like it after repeated listening. Three songs in the film are good (Malliswarive, Swapnalanu Piliche & Ye Dikkuna). The lyrics by Sirivennela and Ramajogayya Sastry are also interesting. The lyric 'Bothalu maanesi lokaniki chinni mothaala podupante choopavule' in 'Voni vesukunna' song is cute.

Other departments: Cinematography by debutant cinematographer Gunasekhar is excellent. Dialogues by Marudhuri Raja are OK, but his signature is missing. Editing is trendy, but the effect of flashing white after editing cut is used very redundantly. Background music is fair. Production values by Sravanthi Movies are slick compared to the shoe-string budget.

Analysis: The theme of title cards where newspaper cuttings of historical events right from the day of independence shown is interesting. The first half of the film is OK with good narration. But the story meanders in the second half leaving the main thread of story aside. The climax of the film is good. The plus points are music and modern taking. Minus points are predictability in story and no surprise/shocking elements. The biggest advantage of this film is the shoestring budget of 1.2 crores. With Diwali weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) openings and aggressive publicity, this film is expected to rake-in handsome profits to Sravanthi Ravi Kishore who released this film on his own for all areas. On the flipside, this film has nothing to offer to masses.

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