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His style of films or songs may be totally different from that of other directors, but still the tension before the release of the film is same. Just before the interview Ravi Babu shows signs of tension, finding about the copies and the completion of all the postproduction activities.

Ravi Babu who has two movies to his credit is ready to reach audience with his next venture Soggadu. When we caught up with him at Ramanaidu studios, he was busy supervising the activities before the release of the film.

29th March 2005

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His take on Soggadu?
It is a simple love story; the boy and girl are in love and face troubles. It is how they solve the problems and deal with their love. The movie has come out really well and has come out exactly the way I imagined it when I penned down the script. The whole shooting was well planned and executed so there were no major changes in the script and it came out well.

About the story taking shape in Central Park New York?
Not that is not the case the story was in my head for a long time. It was only that Parachuri Venkateshwara Rao and I met when we were in New York. And both of us had the time to discuss the story and we were able to bring in more and added a lot more and prepared the script.

About the rumors that the film had been changing hands from producer to producer?
That rumor is not totally wrong, first it was with D Suresh Babu and we were ready to start work on it. But due to his (Suresh Babu's) involvement in politics and elections he was not able to give as much time to the production. So, then Mohan Babu approached me and asked if he could produce the film and I was ready, but unfortunately even he was involved in his own productions and was not able to take up the project. It so happened that Suresh Babu was free and he asked to continue the production of the film. And here it is.

A juggle in the heroes was also rumored?
It so happened that Tarun was the first choice, and we wanted to shoot during the monsoons last year. But unfortunately Tarun was tied down with other films and was not able to free himself till the end of monsoon so the film was delayed. But I am happy that I got to do the film with him, as he was the first choice for the role.

So after all this what is the USP of the film?
It has to be the innovativeness and the newness that one can feel while watching the film. People will enjoy the three hours that they will spend in the theatre while watching this film. The story has a lot of twists and turns and laughs and tears, but it is the locales, the narration, the script and the music that are the USP of the film. Actually in this film's case it cannot be called Unique Selling Point, it has to be Unique Selling Package.

The Tarun and Aarthi Agarwal issue, was there something between them?
It is nothing but a lie or a rumor that the media has created. I have been watching them for the past few months on and off the sets of Soggadu. They are good friends of mine and are through professionals, I never felt during the shooting that there was something between them. They were very professionals and all that about their love affair is nothing but trash created by the media.

His first film Allari was a big success, and then came Ammayulu-Abbayulu, which was a dud at the box office. Why?
With Ammayulu-Abbayulu I wanted to cater to a certain kind of audience who were interested in the American Pie sort of movies. But it was only them who saw and the film proved a failure with other audience. But this genre of films will be liked and appreciated soon and I will be really happy the day that happens.

Songs picturisation is very unique in all his films?
Any song should be to the mood, and I usually try to depict the mood of the characters through the songs. It is not like you cut and the lead pair is in Switzerland singing a duet. The colors and visuals in the songs help me to portray the mood of the characters in the best way possible. Not only the film but the songs also help me to communicate with the audience.

When asked about the rumor that Subash Chandra Bose was offered to him under Suresh Productions?
I think there is some kind of mistake. The film was never offered to me and anyway the film is being made under Vyjayanthi Arts banner so there is no truth in this rumor either.

'Survival of those who have a hit' is what is working for the directors?
That is not true everyone here is to show and prove his or her talent. I am also here just to do that I am here to show people that I can do good films and I am not here to sell success. Just cause one film does not do well that doesn't mean that I am not good.

Trade pundits say, 'Music is 50% of the film's success'?
That is a joke that I am not able to digest. I seriously want to meet all the so-called trade pundits who say that music is 50% of the film's success. Because my last film Ammayulu-Abbayulu was musically successful but the film was a washout. So there is no sense in saying that what ever be the content of the film, music will make it a hit.

What is Ravi Babu feeling right now?
Well I am anxiously waiting for the release of the film and for the first show to go off well with the audience liking it. There should be no delays or problems with the projection of the film. Whether a success or failure that will be looked into later. I just want the show to go on with out a glitch and perfect.

Future Projects?
Nothing I will be sleeping for a month or two and then when I wake up I will think of what I want to do. The last few days of hectic schedules have taken its toll on me and I am totally exhausted.

With that he ends the interview and walks out to find out if the tapes are ready or not. And he is back to being his nervous self.

By Aditya

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