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A lean fair skinned lad (errani kurrodu) entered into Telugu films with 'Tene manasulu' in the year of 1965. Pandanti Samsaram, which was released on 18th of May, was his 325th film. We are talking about Super Star Krishna, the most daring and candid hero of Telugu film industry ever produced and the best human being who has a heart of gold.

He is most the versatile and admired hero of Telugu cinema. Just check out his range ……….

Mosagallaku Mosagadu, Monagadu Vastunnadu Jagratta - Cowboy Films
Gudachari 116, Asadhyudu - James Bond films
Alluri Seetarama Raju - Patriotic & Historical film
Simhasana, Simha Garjana - Janapada films
Kurukshetram - Pouranikam film
Meena, Illu - Illalu, Number One - Family stories
Devudu Chesina Manushulu, Hema Hemilu, Mundadugu, Mandegundelu - Multistarrers
Agni Parvatam, Palnati Simham - Emotional films
Ooriki Monagadu, Kirayi Kotigadu - Entertainers
Eenadu, Naa Pilupe Prabhanjanam, Sahasame Naa Oopiri - Political Films

He also directed 15 films out of which Simhasanam, Mugguru Kodukulu and Koduku Diddina Kapuram remained as his best films. He is the who introduced cinema scope with Alluri Seetarama Raju and first 70 mm film with Simhasanam to Telugu cinema. He is also successful as an entrepreneur and as the chairman of Padmalaya Studios and Padmalaya Telefilms.

There is a good old saying in Telugu that the good deeds of parents will become good assets for their kids. Likewise the good deeds of Superstar Krishna are serving as 'Sreerama Raksha' to his son Mahesh Babu. Mahesh Babu has proved himself as a versatile actor with his extraordinary performance in Krishna Vamsi's 'Murari'. And he also acted in a never-before Cowboy film 'Takkari Donga' to repeat the magic his legendry father now.

Superstar Krishna would not have become what he is today, if he behaved like any other commercial Telugu cinema hero. Now, he is proud of lakhs of loyal fans. They will be with him even when he delivers flops. His fans love him because he knows how to treat the human beings. He was never after money and he is like 'Bhola Shankarudu', who grants the wishes even to unworthy people if he is satisfied.

At one point of time, he used to work for 18 to 19 films a year. The producers praised him as the producer's hero. And there are many instances where the producers and directors exploited him in the past. Even then, he never used to utter any word against them, which made him an 'Ajaatha Satruvu' (man with no enemies) in the industry.

At one point of time, his films used to be competing with each other as they release at same time. Two of his films were released on same day and did run for 100 days, which showed the stamina of Super star Krishna. In a particular year, seven films of Krishna ran for 100 days. And this is only possible for the hero like super star Krishna!

He gave shock treatment to all those vicious minded critics who predicted his doom by giving timely blockbusters like Paadi Pantalu, Simhasam, Pachani Samsaram and Number One.

Today, 31st May, is his birthday. And we wish him a happy birthday and a bright future as a hero in Telugu film Industry on behalf of our visitors. And we are proud of Super star Krishna and his loyal fans, who made these miracles happen.

End of Bio-Data
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