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1st June May 2004
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YUVA : As I began to recollect my science teacher telling that white light is composed of mainly red , green and blue , I thought of what could have been on the mind of our country's finest director.

There lives in the slum streets, a man who seeks the gun to get big money and status. He serves the politicians' ill deeds, spoiling his own hands……….

There was this man who would challenge anything he feels is wrong. He would even challenge the dirty politicians by contesting in the elections as an opposition……….

There, in the dim-lit, smoky, freaky discotheque, the guy syncs his hips and hops with beauteous babes. He dreams: no violence, no challenges, just girls, and fun, and US………

………and these are the three shades in the spectrum of today's young men…the three shades of Y UV A .

A ManiRatnam film : As every ManiRatnam film has its own tale to tell, AYUTHA EZHATHU (Tamil version of YUVA) tells about the strength of young men and how each guy can sum up to make a strong nation.

The climax of the film shows a strong young man sitting in the assembly hall. That shows, the end of the film is a start for young men in this country to take the ruling pride.

But… YUVA, the lifestyle of young men, runs fast. YUVA, the film, too runs fast. And ManiRatnam is the kind, who makes compact frames and leaves the rest for the viewer to understand. So some of the moments of the film look abrupt and absurd for a normal filmgoer.

The Last Line: It's nice to see a ManiRatnam film. It's a fortune to listen to his story. And it's a Bliss to understand the inner sense of it.

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