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Interview with Namitha
Date: July 30, Hyderabad

All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances. If you apply this eternal statement of Shakespeare to heroine Namita, you will sure be rubbing yourself at the wrong side. Seven years ago, this Surat-born, Mumbai brought up Gujrati girl made her debut with Seenu Vytla’s film Sontham, followed by Venky’s Gemini and lasting with Rajasekhar’s Nayakudu. At one stage, she was about to oust Simran, but her stars spelt something else that Namita limited her sway to the neighboring Tamilnadu, which became her unwritten jagir, with lakhs and lakhs of ardent fans, creating a charismatic glamour cult after her. “I will not be leaving my people of Tamilnadu and I am ready to shun all the wealth of the world for that,” she says. Namita speaks about marriage, expose, politics, and charity and last but not the least – the much-talked about Temple-construction for her. Like a Sphinx, she resurfaced with mighty glamour for Telugu audiences, and will be getting into the shoes of legendary screen vamp of mid 70s & 80s – Jayamalini, as Jaganmohini-2008. Idlebrain’s exclusive interview with Namita:

Tell us how you made your entry into tinsel world?
I hail from Punjabi-speaking family from Gujarat. I am the only daughter to my parents. My dad is a businessman and my mom, a housewife. I was a student of English literature. And I taught swimming to children in Mumbai. When I was crowned the Miss Surat in 1998, I got the encouragement to fight out in Miss India pageantry in 2001. Of course, I ended up as the fourth runner-up. This publicity helped me catch onto TV commercials and I did several for big brands. It was Siddiqui, who introduced me into Malayalam. That brought me luck and I found solid footage all over South. Of course, I made my entry into Tollywood as Bhairavi. But, people know me now only as Namita.

What made you stick to Tamil film industry for so long a time?
See, you prefer to be there where you find the best. Apart from recognition and money, I do hold the love and affection of the people of Tamilnadu. I don’t know why they blindly admire me, but it moves me so much. I should do something for my people. But, I am not a politician. I can’t make false promises. Surely, I am thinking of doing something worthwhile for them. This special bond is the reason that makes me partial towards Tamilnadu. This preference is not only as an actress, but also as an individual.

What is the secret of your roaring recognition in Tamilnadu?
Not only in Tamilnadu, I sincerely believe, have people liked me everywhere. For people of Tamilnadu, I am more than an actress. I too like to live like one among them. Coming to the glamour world, there is no any secret in my success. I just follow the Demand & Supply theory. As an actress, I know my limits. I understand the demands and requisites of a director. If I like it, I say yes. If I don’t like it, I say it right on his face. So far, I never faced any embarrassing situation in my career. I am thankful to God.

Why do you maintain a heavy structure compared to other heroines who are mad after zero-size measurements?
I don’t care what others do. I am myself. I don’t think I am heavy. I am a six-footer, blessed with the best of the structures. You go and see those sexy figures in Ajanta and Ellora caves. You will find none of them slim or lean. Why? The sculptors are not fools. They know the beauty of a woman. I am proud to say that those figures are like me. Why should I spoil the beauty what I hold by God’s grace.

When are you going marry?
Marriage is not my immediate priority now. When the right time comes, nothing can stop it. No comments further.

Don’t you think you are delaying marriage?
Certainly not. What is there to delay? Now, I am happy with my career. There is no any urgency now.

Are you afraid that you might lose your name and fame if you are married?
What is this? Who told you – a woman would lose her charm if she gets married? What about an Aishwarya Roy or Simran? After marriage, they brought a new meaning to a woman’s charm on the screen. Aish is still the queen. Simran is still wonderful. They are not changed.

What are your strengths?
See, I am a spiritual person. I don’t get disturbed or perturbed at small things. I love my profession and I feel for people who love and madly wish my wellbeing.

Spiritual in the sense, how?
I believe in OM. I believe the entire creation took its birth from this Holy sound eruption. Spirituality means peaceful living and peaceful thinking. Not to bluff and not be possessive or obsessive of and with the material world.

Are you religious?
Yes. I am religious. A religion, say any religion desires an individual to know about himself. That is what I call spiritualism. This way, I believe in spirits. When you keep your mind tranquil and peaceful, you will know that you are a spirit.

What about the temple issue? Are they already constructed?
No. Not yet. There is a proposal to build three temples for me in Tamilnadu. My admirers who want my wellbeing come to me daily with such requests. I don’t know what answer I have to give them. I can’t deny their wish. At the same time, I simply can’t say yes. I know it’s a tricky situation. But, I have decided not to disappoint them.

Which are those three places?
Coimbatore, Madurai and one more place, which is not yet decided.

Already a temple existed for Kushboo. The same was dismantled by her own fans. Are you aware of the risks in temple construction?
Yes. I am very much aware of the risk factors. See, when I go to an extent of permitting my admirers to go ahead with their wish, I should be equally loyal to their aspirations. I shouldn’t change my colors. There is a cause in accepting one’s admiration. I look at this aspect more as a social cause. I consider construction of a temple for me is a symbol of their love for me. I shall reciprocate the gesture as long as I live.

Precautions that you are going to take over temple construction?
Before taking a final decision, I shall be discussing the matter in detail with my people, the media also.

Now that you are demi-goddess in Tamilnadu, what about your political ambitions?
I do not have any political ambitions. Just I am one among the people there. I pray to God Almighty to give me more and more strength to serve the people Politics is not the only medium to render social service.

Even MGR, Jayalalitha and now Karunanidhi (as writer) are directly associated with the film industry. Why can’t you take up politics as your medium further?
I don’t think I will suit to that medium. At present, I am content with what I am doing.

Supposing your fans and people of Tamilnaudu want you to come into politics, what would be your option?
If such a situation comes, then definitely I have to bow to their wishes.

What is your ambition?
Wide travel. Always, I wanted to launch my journey… a long voyage around the world. I don’t want to stay in 5 Star hotels this time. But, I will be carrying my backpack.

Who will accompany you?
I wish one of my close friends will accompany me.

When will it start?
The first leg of it will start in September this year.

Any plans to go to Bollywood?
No. I will never think of it anymore.

What is your opinion about heroines making waves in South … coming from Mumbai?
That’s good. They perceived and are utilizing the opportunities in Tollywood, Kollywood and all over South. At a time when there is a scarcity of heroines, their arrivals are a welcoming feature.

What’s your food habits?
I had quit non-vegetarian food several years ago. But, afresh, I have revived the stuff since March. I got fed up with the same stuff. Of course, I just take very little. I like kababs.

What’s your favorite color?
Peach color.

Who is your favorite actor?
No doubt, it’s Rajnikanth sir. I like his style. Of course, I also admire Kamal Hassan sir and Vikram. I call Vikram, the Kohinoor Diamond.

Finally, what’s your opinion about exposing in films?
These days, this thing called exposing has become inevitable. Say, a part of film. Glamour is business. But, I would be glad as long as this thing remains under control, without giving scope for obscenity.

What about your charity works?
I am doing something to the handicapped children of Tamilnadu. I don’t claim to have made great service, but within my limits. In future, I want to do more and more, say a movement-like service for them… to take care of their education, health and overall wellbeing.

How do you feel about Jaganmohini?
It’s a complete folklorist genre and I am doing it for the first time. It sounded like an experiment to me. Why not try it? The producer and director are so passionate about the film and I pray for their success. I can only assure one and all… I will surely not disappoint the audience.

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