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My Movie - Gharshana
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10th August May 2004
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Should the phrase "Old wine in New bottle", disappoint us? It need not, as long as the bottle is new, clean and fresh, and the wine is pure. The stylishness of the bottle may even delight us.

I would refer the above analysis to the latest Telugu film: GHARSHANA

GHARSHANA: The badly injured police officer falls into the lake and for a split of moment, every pill of life in him seems to leave, except for a yearning: to live everlastingly with his beloved wife, to get into her warm embrace, to look into her eyes every moment…. "cheliya cheliya…..cheliya cheliya…. Alala odilo, eduru choostunna…"

What follows from the next moment, is a visual and musical treat to all those who love authentic stories and stylish cinematography's.

What speaks volumes of the film is the magnanimity and intensity in the performance of the protagonist. Venkatesh was at his very best from the first scene to the last, no matter how many hardships every shot might have cost. He was perfect as a police man; his wrinkles showed the maturity, his looks were sharp and his body language, simply superb.

What speaks volumes of the film is a beautiful love story embedded in the arena of absolute violence. In the big world of punches and policemen, guns and goondas, bullets and blood, there exists a small world of innocent children and their teacher: her simplicity makes even the lonely, but strong policeman, desire a life-partner. It's her desire to be with him that makes him crave, every moment, for her. And it's that craving, which brings him to life, from the verge of death.

What speaks volumes of the film is the striking script and interesting screenplay by Gautam Menon, whose work is enhanced by Raja Sekhar's brilliant cinematography and Harris Jayraj's soulful music. Kula Sekhar's pen carries the soul of the music to greater heights.

What the film fails to speak of is the title itself. The final battle lacks the punch of a strong climax. The strength of the villain looks meager before the characterization of the protagonist. This makes the expected battle, a mere fisticuff.

THE LAST LINES: I am excited to watch this film on the big screen, for the Third time. Will you join me in this devilish delight?


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