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Open Letter to Nagarjuna
You are at Home > Community > Open Letters is frequently visited by all the Telugu film industry celebrities, who are net savvy. Here is a platform for the fans to express their sincere suggestions to their stars. Write open letters to your stars and we make sure that they are read by your favorite hero. But make sure that all the letters are positive-minded! You can send your open letters to [email protected]


An open letter to Nagarjuna

Hi Nagannayya,

I am a big fan of you since your first film Vikram. I was just 4 years old during Vikram but I don't know how I was attracted towards you. I watch each and every movie of yours. And I would like to give some suggestions or from a fan's point of view they are requests and wishes to be fulfilled by you.

Your movies nowadays lack the basic charm in you, which was there in Nirnayam, Ninnepelladatha, Geethanjali etc. These movies are really extraordinary. I mentioned Nirnayam because in the first half of that movie you really acted splendidly with extraordinary charm and you were too active. But in the recent movies u seems to be too dull and there is no jumping and teasing heroines in a way u did in Geethanjali and Ninnepelladatha and some other movies. Please take care in that aspect. Because it is only that which made you popular even in other states of India. In SANTOSHAM this aspect was quite good in the first half. What your fans in youth category expect is your fast dialogue delivery and a very good body language, which was present in your films till Chandralekha. Though chandralekha was a flop movie you did very well but in very few scenes people felt it as overacting.

You can do mass movies very well which was proved in Hellobrother, Allarialludu, Presidentugaripellam, Collectorgariabbayi, Vaarasudu. In the above movies your dialogue delivery too was very good. It was really charming. But now a days your mass movie Eduruleni Manishi, which ran to an average was very bad in which the concept of having an anti-heroine in the movie itself was ridiculous. I don't know how you accepted that movie. You please do some mass movies at least one per year because people accept your mass roles because you are having a royal image being a son of a great actor. Even your Seetharamaraju was a medium hit though it was an average looking movie.

Please take care in selecting the directors of a movie. It might look foolish to see me suggesting you who is in the field but please forgive me if it is a mistake. The directors who exactly show u 100% perfectly on the screen are Krishnavamsi, A.Kodandaramireddy, Ramgopalvarma and B Gopal too in collector gari abbayi. Krishna Vamsi is best among them. I don't know y u have stopped doing movies with Krishnavamsi. He is a sensational director who made u greekuveerudu of Andhrapradesh. Please do a movie with Ramgopal varma at least once in three years. I am expecting you to make a mass movie with Teja who I expect will raise your image up another level. What happened to your project with SJ Surya who also has the capability to present to you very well? So do a movie with him. I got vexed in the year 2001 as a fan by the way the directors presented you on the screen and the subjects you selected.

You still have a lover boy image in Andhra. You looked too slim in Ravoichandamama. So u can reduce your body like u did in that film and now you are looking very smart in Santosham, So u can do love stories even now. You just do 2 movies per year with at least 8 -10 months gap in between. You do a family movie, then a love story and then a mass movie. Please do movies in this order. Don't miss a mass movie in your busy schedule. But do with the above mentioned directors because only they can boost u up by presenting nicely. You just make a superb remake film once a bi-year with some changes in the film if necessary. Please don't make movies like Snehamanteidera and I don't know how u accepted that movie. Even the Tamil version was very bad but because of good time of Vijay it ran well but it was really very bad.

Coming to the music, it is very bad nowadays except Santosham which looked quite good. AZAD was an above average just because the music was very bad and the last half an hour irked the audience. Your mass action too didn't rise up to the core in that movie like u did in the your previous movies Collectorgariabbayi, Allarialludu, Vaarasudu, Presidentugaripellam. MUSIC is one of the most important elements for any movie. Music makes the mass audience to come to theatres because mass guys don't think whether the movie is good or not, they only expect sensational music which drive them. If u want delete the tunes if u don't get the tunes right in any movie and the lyrics isn't nice. Because if the music is not good people watch a movie only once though it is good whereas a musical hit makes many people watch it at least 4 times. Some heroes are living only because of the music in their films. You tried some pop tunes in Bavanachadu and Aakasaveedhilk but they were very bad and indecent to listen to as they don't have a decent meaning. The lyrics should be catchy like etovelindhmanasu, opriya.., helloguruprema... etc. I suggest deva (autodriver songs) or R.P. Because they do very well with minimum guarantee. But R.P. doesn't have nice beats to hear. You try to have same music director as a brand to all movies. Because they take care of your films with extravagant care and zeal.

Another aspect I like in SANTOSHAM is it was very descent without any obscenity and that really helps you a lot. Even NUVVUVASTHAVANI had that element and music. Whatever sort of film you make please make the movie decent with out any obscenity because it makes everyone to watch the movie including mass though they prefer some vulgarism they watch it again and again if it is nice. Dialogue delivery should be good like you did in Ninnepelladatha. Nirnayam has good body language. Allarialludu has the best dialogue delivery in your career.

I believe that you will be the crazy hero to every producer and favorite to every person if u give consecutive hits because everyone likes you but your movies r making them getting bored. So please take care of your movies and everyone comes back to you though they praise somebody else as a superstar now. Take care of your fans following. Because fans (especially mass fans) are the ones who will be with you through out your life at any circumstances and keep supporting u throughout. And another thing I wanna tell u is u can keep your title as TERRASTAR too with yuvasamrat as it sounds nice and catchy to everyone. Please give a mail-id to everyone so everyone can give u suggestions. I expect a reply to me to my mail id very soon.

Yours loving

[email protected]

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You can send your open letters to [email protected]
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