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2st August 2001
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Mahesh Babu: the man with golden heart

Mahesh babuMahesh Babu turned out to be the true inheritor of legacy from Superstar Krishna. All his producers vouch that he is the producer's hero. The kind of co-operation he is giving to Mr. Jayant during the production of untitled Cowboy film is amazing. When heavy monsoons marred to schedule of the film a couple of months back the production unit lost 23 days. The entire episode is again shot amidst the heat at Bikenir, Rajastan. Then came the second hurdle. The work permits for USA shoot kept on delaying. When Jayant planned to visit USA to take the matters in his own hands and arrange work permits, Mahesh Babu accompanied Jayant to do his bit of help. As the obtaining of work permits would take more time, Jayant and Mahesh are returning to India on 6th of this month. They would be completing the climax at Chelakudi forests, Kerala. The USA shooting of the film is going to be the final hurdle of the film, which is going to take place in September. Jayant feels that Mahesh Babu is the most responsible and kind hero among the lot. A true legacy inherited from his father Krishna.

Vikrama Simha Bhupati for summer release

Balayya Balayya is doing a double role of son and father in the folklore film being produced by Bhargav Arts. The name of son is Pratap and the father's name is Vikrama Simha Bhupati. The story of the film is about a group of thugs seizing a kingdom as it is deprived of an heir to the King. Pratap, as a normal citizen of the kingdom, fights the evil forces to eventually realize that he is the prince of the kingdom. Dr. Bhanumati Rama Krishna is playing a vital grand queen role in this film. Pooja Batra and Anjala Zhaveri are paired up with Bala Krishna now. Tripuraneni Maharadhi has developed the story for this film. Muthuraj, a national award winning art director, has created sets. Maestro Ilayaraja is providing music. Shankar handles photography. Satyanarayana, Sudhakar, Nawab Shah, Satya Prakash, Abu Saleem, Mohan Raj and MS Narayana are playing other important roles. Kodi Rama Krishna directs this film.

Venu in Usha Kiron movies

VenuThe stupendous hit of 'Chiru Navvuto' has done wonders to the career of Venu. He is flooded with offers from all the big banners. He accepted and started working for Usha Kiron movies film that started shooting in Ooty on 1st of August. A Tamilian by name Ganapathy would be making his debut as director with this film. Malavika is paired up with Venu in this film. This film is a family entertainer entwined with a sensible love story. Bharani, a music director, will make debut in Telugu films with this film. This film is the production no. 56 for Usha Kiron movies. The first schedule will takes place till 16th of this month. Later on the unit would shift to Ramoji film city and shoot the remaining part of the film from 10th September to 10th October. Ramoji Rao is the producer of this film.

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