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Archives - March 2001
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29th March 2001
-> by Telugu whiz kids
-> Nuvve Kavali bags national award
-> Rama Naidu donates another 3 lakhs for Gujarath victims

27th March 2001
-> Narasimha Naidu continues its streak
-> Krishna in another daring film
-> Indian hands helped decorating Gladiator

26th March 2001
-> Kannada Prabhakar is no more
-> Jr. NTR - Aswini Dutt - K Raghavendra Rao combination film
-> Saakshi Sivanand is back in the business

20th March 2001
-> Sony offers to remake Murari
-> Lisa and Bipisha are the heroines in Cowboy
-> 9 avatars by Krishna

15th March 2001
-> Krishna Vamsi to direct a seema film for Chiru
-> Mohan Babu in Narasimha Remake
-> Anjala Zhaveri with Balayya

13th March 2001
-> Nag in Telugu remake of Tamil friends
-> Aswini Dutt - Ram Gopal Varma - The Company

12th March 2001
-> Prematho Raa is Venky's film title
-> Kunda Marpidi for Padmalaya studios
-> AP Police donates blood through Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust

9th March 2001
-> Mahesh acts in Raghavendra Rao's film
-> Soundarya turns assistant director
-> Kushi on 12th or 19th of April

5th March 2001
-> Four heroines in Venky film
-> Siva Nageswara Rao turns soft with Ramana
-> Tarun in Toliprema prodction house

1st March 2001
-> Bhupinder breaks too many hearts
-> Will NTR sentiment work for Nag?
-> Kodi's Laxmi Putrudu

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