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Archives - February 2001
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28th February 2001
-> Roja Plays mother of six kids
-> Art Director Raju wields Mega phone
-> MS Raju plans come to a stall

27th February 2001
-> Krishna without mustache
-> Mega Brothers to sort it out in public
-> Krishna Prasad thanks Balayya

26th February 2001
-> Balayya's new film titled bhale vadivayya basu
-> Mahesh Babu fans donate 2.5 lakhs for Gujarath Quake Victims
-> Chinna release on 30th of March

24th February 2001
-> SA Raj Kumar scores for Chiru
-> Rama Naidu lends his movies for Gujarath victims
-> Poori Jagannath's new movie started

23rd February 2001
-> Teja hops from E to Gemini camp
-> Chandu Hijacked
-> Malleswari denies acting in Telugu film

21st February 2001
-> Mani Ratnam's Kargil Film
-> Varma's Police Story
-> Yamuna pitted against Chiru

20th February 2001
-> Anji release in the last week of May 2001
-> Vamsi remakes a Malayalam film - 'Summer in Bethleham'
-> Nag to do a film for VMC

13th February 2001
-> Krishna's Grandson makes his debut
-> Friday falls out of the box-office favor
-> Nag proves, again, to be the loyal friend

6th February 2001
-> Ilaya Raja to score for Sumanth
-> Ram Prasad with Balayya
-> Simran with Chiru for Geeta Arts

5th February 2001
-> Chiru donates 10 lakhs
-> Jayabheri conformed for Nag
-> Kushi for Ugadi

3rd February 2001
-> Rajnikant cheated by PV Ranga Rao
-> 31st Jan - a Balayya's day
-> Chakri a true Chiru fanatic

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