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18th September 2001
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Seagrams sponsors Adhipati

Mohan BabuThe liquor major Seagrams has announced a strategic tie-up with the film Adhipati for a mutual promotional campaign. According to the agreement, Seagram would be sponsoring the billboards and other publicity material. Incidentally, this film is the first one to enter this kind of tie up with corporate company, which is exclusive for the publicity. For earlier films, Thumps-up has sponsored the Europe trip expenses of 'Jayam Manadera' unit, as the film promoted the 'Thumps Up' brand internally. Meanwhile, the triple platinum disk function of Adhipati was conducted yesterday (17th September) in Hyderabad. Judges and Cricketers are invited as the guests for the function. The audio has got very good response among the masses. This film is touted as the pucca mass film. Nagarjuna is playing a lawyer and a close friend of Mohan Babu in this film. Adhipati is a remake of Malayalam film 'Narasimha'.

Political ting at the Audio release of Daddy

Chiranjeevi The fans of Chiranjeevi all over the state organized the audio release of Daddy on 14th of this month. They selected the district head quarters as the venues and invited the top-rank government officials and the politicians. In most of the areas, the invited politicians tried to add the color of politics to the function and urged Chiranjeevi to enter the politics. In the case of Guntur, politicians like Rayapati Srinivas and Lingamsetty Eeswara Rao along with the Deputy Major Rajendra Prasad were invited. Both these politicians urged Chiranjeevi to enter politics and pledged their support to him irrespective of the party he joins or floats. This function was organized by Sunkara Satish, the president of Chiranjeevi fans at Vijaya Krishna International hotel in Guntur. Daddy is releasing in Naz Deluxe on 4th of October in Guntur.

Sravanthi acts tough with pirates

VenkySravanthi Ravi Kishore, the producer of 'Nuvvu Naaku Nachav' was tipped off with the information about the possibility of pirated Videocassettes being made with the help of camera prints. He made a legal warning to all the pirates and the exhibitors who abet the piracy by releasing the print numbers of all the centers. He also mentioned that they have inserted secret codes in all the prints. If any culprit is found, the exhibitor of that particular print would be fined to the tune of 10 lakhs along with the penalty the AP Chamber of films impose. This film is released in 147 centers with 113 prints all over AP and Karnataka and collected the first week share to the tune of 2.6 crores in all centers included. It collected a share of 1 crore in Nizam and 62 lakhs in Ceded alone in the first week.

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