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1st October 2001
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Bhanumati opts out of Bhargav Arts

Bhanumati Rama KrishnaD. Bhanumati Rama Krishna, the great actress of yesteryears, has opted out of Bhargav Arts. She cited her health as the deterrent for opting out of the film. She also confides that she is peeved by the step motherly treatment the project of Bhargav arts was given by the hero. The project's Muhurat was postponed twice and the schedules kept on shifting by months as the hero Bala Krishna gave bulk dates to Balaji arts film which was due for release in December 2001. In addition to that, Dr. Bhanumati was asked for 45 call sheets. Since the shooting is going to take place in Hyderabad and Vizag and Bhanumati lives in Chennai, the travel was also of biggest concern. All the fans of Smt. Bhanumati Rama Krishna are in for great disappoint after learning her opting out. It is not clear, who is taken for the role meant for Padmasri Bhanumati Rama Krishna. It could be either Roja or KR Vijaya. The Bhargav Arts film is expected to be released in April 2002.

Mahesh Babu sets on America Jaunt

Mahesh Babu The unit of Jayant Falcrum Cinergies would be going to Chennai on Wednesday this week for obtaining the visa to shoot in USA. If the unit gets visa granted, then they would leave for USA on Thursday. Due to the USA terrorist attacks, the producers of air travel have become stricter in USA and India. That means, the raw film has to go through the various detector, which would risk the film getting exposed. Hence, the producer is planning to buy the raw film in USA and also developing the film after USA shooting is completed. It costs a fortune for the producer. Even then, they are going ahead with their ambitious USA shooting. Talking to, Jayant mentioned that even James Cameron was not spared from sporadic problems like these. He is hopeful of getting USA shooting done without any hurdles.

Daddy gets censored

DaddyChiranjeevi's film Daddy is all set for 4t October release. This film is getting released in 20 centers in Hyderabad and in 19 centers in the rest of the Nizam. In Guntur and Vijayawada, it is releasing in Naz Deluxe and Raj 70mm. This film was censored on last Saturday. Daddy was given a clean U certificate. Simran and Ashima Bhalla are playing heroine roles apposite Chiranjeevi. Nata Kiriti Rajendra Prasad is doing another important role as Chiru friend in this film. This film is releasing with high expectations. Audio of this film was a huge hit according the audio sales. According to Umesh Gupta, Daddy is the fastest selling audio ever done by Aditya music. The team of Chiru-Suresh Krishna-Allu Arvind is teamed up again after the film 'Master'.

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