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23rd December 2001
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Suresh Krishna to direct Chiranjeevi again

ChiranjeeviSuresh Krishna is the director chosen for D Rama Naidu's film to be produced by Suresh Productions with Chiranjeevi as hero. This movie is lined up for muhurat after the starting of shootings of Vyjayanti Movies (Aswini Dutt & B Gopal) and Shyam Prasad Arts (Vijaya Bapineedu & VN Aditya). Suresh productions is also planning a multistarrer with Chiranjeevi and Venkatesh at a later point of time. Mean while, Chiranjeevi is traveling to lucknow for the shooting of Vyjayanti films which is going to start on 27th of this month. After a 3-day shoot in Lucknow, the unit will travel to Varanasi. The shooting in Varanasi will continue till 14th of January 2002, which also include the shooting of a song. Next schedule will be held from 10th of February to 28th of February 2002. Chiranjeevi is currently working for a song for Anji film in Annapurna studios along with Namrata Sirodkar. Remaining songs of Anji will be shot in January and February of 2002. Mani Sharma is providing music for Anji and Vyjayanti film's production with Chiranjeevi.

6 movie details of Nandamuri (N) Taraka (T) Ratna (R)

NTRA competitor to the Jr. NTR is emerging in the form of Nandamuri (N) Taraka (T) Ratna (R), the son of N Mohan Krishna. He is signed for 5 films. Here are the details of the films. A debutant director Akula Siva will direct a film for Swapna banner (jointly owned by Aswini Dutt and K Raghavendra Rao), which has given Student No.1 this year with Jr. NTR. Murari of Yuva Chitra banner, which has given films like Seetamaa Lakshmi, Gorintaku, Trisoolam, Nari Nari Naduma Murari in the past, has prepared a story for NTR. Keeravani will provide music. VB Rajendra Prasad of Jagapati Arts fame will produce a film in the direction of U Narayana Rao. Hero Jagapati Babu presents this film. Kranthi Kumar, the famous director and producer, will produce another film for NTR on Kranthi Chitra banner. Teja of 'Nuvvu-Nenu' fame will direct a film for NTR. Maganti Gopinath will produce this film. Padmavathi films will produce a film for NTR in the direction of Ravi Chandra (Desoddarakudu fame). In addition to these 6 films, Sunkara Madhu Murali, Achanta Gopinath, Katragadda Lokesh, YVS Chowdary will produce a film each with NTR. This move starts a proxy war for the real heir of NTR & Bala Krishna in acting from Nandamuri vamsam.

AVS to direct Usha Kiran movies

AVS AVS prepared a script titled 'Muddostunnavoi Gopalam'. He gave a hearing to Dr. Rama Naidu and impressed him. Rama Naidu has announced the project. But due to some unknown reasons, the movie did not materialize. Now AVS has approached Ramoji Rao and narrated story to him. Ramoji Rao is impressed with the script. It is rumored that 'Muddostunnavoi Gopalam' will go to sets on Sankranthi of 2002. In addition, AVS has planned to produce another film titled 'Roommates' with a new director. One wonders why can't he produce 'Muddostavoi Gopalam' on his own banner than approaching other directors!


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