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25th December 2001
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Venky film titled as Vaasu

VenkyVaasu title is confirmed for Venky's film under production. KS Rama Rao is producing this film on creative commercials banner. Karunakaran, who directed Toli Prema and Yuvakudu in the past, is directing his third film. Bhumika Chawla is playing heroine in this film. He acts a source of inspiration for Vaasu to become big in music field. Harris Jayaraj of Cheli fame is giving music. 50% of the talkie part is completed. This film has six songs, in which two of them are going to be shot in abroad. Shooting of this film would be completed by the end of February 2002. Postproduction will take place in the month of March. Vaasu is getting ready for the release in April 2002. Trivikram Srinivas, who has given dialogues for Nuvve Kavali and Nuvvu Naaku Nachav, is providing dialogues for Vaasu.

Vijaya Shanti's Sivani on 28th of Dec

Vijaya ShantiSivani is the first straight release of Vijaya Shanti in this year. And this film comes just 3 days before the yearend. Suresh Varma directed this faction based love story. Vijaya Shanti is acting as a lady born in Rayalaseema. This movie is all about Vijaya Shanti fighting against all odds to unite the lovers Akanksha and Arun Kumar. Brahmanandam is playing the hilarious assistant of Vijaya Shanti in Sivani. Incidentally, Suresh Varma is having his second release in a gap of 7 days. Vijaya Shanti did fascinating fights in this film. Mani Sharma is providing music. Rama Mohan Rao is producing this film on Anish productions banner.

Taraka Rama cinema hall attacked

Taraka Rama theater SFI (Student Federation of India) girl wing attacked on Taraka Rama Theater of Kachiguda for screening an adult film 'Body Influence' (it is currently showing the film 'African Erotica'). They torn off the wall posters and thrown cow dung on the posters. After that the girls entered the theater and asked the patrons to leave the cinema hall. Later on, they attacked another theater Padmavathi in Kachiguda. The girls entered the cabin and grabbed all the reels. They burned the reels. The girl's wing of SFI announced that their next target is closing all the bars in city.


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