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Interview with Geeta Madhuri
Date: August 1, Hyderabad
geeta madhuri

It’s no extra when you say there is no Telugu guy or gal in the world who has not heard one song in the recent months. That is … Chamka Chamka Chamkeere … in Ramcharan Tej's debut film Chirutha. Everybody thought somebody from North sang the song. But, it is Geetha Madhuri, a B.Com III year student. The only daughter to an SBH official, the girl was christened Geetha Madhuri. "Since my childhood, I have been singing something or the other. My parents found that I could become a singer. They arranged the training in the Classical and Light music with some of the famous persons in the fields." She made her debut as playback singer with Kulasekhar's yet-to-see-the-light film Premalekha Rasa. Music directors spotted the much-wanted romantic tinge in her voice. The real break clung to her with Chirutha. "If I were to sing that song again, I should catch the cold once again. Several times I had to sneeze and clear my throat that day when the song was recorded in Chennai. To be frank, I can never be singing it with the same feel," she says. Idlebrain's exclusive Interview:

Tell us about your background and your entry into Tollywood?
I drew inspiration from all famous singers. Music continues to influence my mind since my childhood. When I was three years old, my parents said, I used to make some melodious sounds. When I found my senses, I naturally found myself taking training in music. Actually, we hail from Godavari districts, but long back our family got settled in Hyderabad. My dad is Prabhakar Sastry. He works with the State Bank of Hyderabad. Mom Lakshmi is just housewife.

Currently, I am in B.Com III year. I rarely go to college thanks to being busy with prolific offers (as playback singer and as dubbing artiste). I still remember the days when my career in music started with Smt. Kochharlakota Padmavati (a classical exponent). I got trained in the Hindustani with Kiran Bedwa (in Hyderabad). When I was in 10th class, my guru was (is) Ramachari garu. He trained me in the Light music. Ten years ago, Ramachari was the finalist in SP Balu’s Padutha Theeyaga on ETV. When I was in intermediate, I used to sing songs in college functions. Joining the Degree, it was Ramachari garu, who introduced me to the project… Kulasekhar-directed film Premalekha Rasa (Not Yet released). My first song was … Bakka sikkina( a folk genre). Later, I did the films – Katharnak, Okkadunnadu and latest Chirutha. Recently, I got the best singer Award (MAA TV). I am also doing anchoring and dubbing and stage shows. That’s how; I am into the film industry.

Do you think the song Chamka Chamka… brought you recognition?
Definitely. Previously, people in our circle know that I am a singer. But, they say that I was the girl who sang that song. Since it being a number in Ramcharan Tej’s film, it got instant listening, more listening and the best patronage from the audiences.

Who brought you this opportunity?
Mani Sharma garu asked me to sing the track for the film. He composed the tune. When I just finished the track, it was taken to the director and others (Hero, Chiranjeevi garu). They all liked it. Then, Mani Sharma gave me the opportunity to play the song myself. I am thankful to Mani Sharma garu and Puri Jagan garu. And also to hero Ramcharan.

How did you enjoy singing Chamka Chamka?
Everything was fine. But, when I went to Chennai for recording, it was a big problem. I got very bad cold and throat was sour. I sneezed many a time. Even Mani Sharma garu helped me take steam treatment. To be frank, I admit, I cannot sing the song like that now. The credit of that pulls and lure in that song goes to the cold effect. If I were to sing again, I need to catch cold once again.

Other than Mani Sharma, who else have encouraged you?
All the music directors whom I met are very cordial with me. RP garu, Koti garu, Vandemataram Srinivas garu, Radhakrishnan garu… everyone.

What about your studies? Will you say goodbye?
Of course. Till last year, I was sailing on two boats. Now that I have some projects and also getting chances as dubbing artiste, I might say goodbye to studies. But, I might study privately. Music is also a part of education. So, I don’t have any regrets.

You are young. What is your opinion about marriage?
I am too young to comment on it. But, I wish to be with my parents even after my marriage. I am the only daughter. I hope I can get such a understanding hubby. But, I am not in a hurry. Still a big time is ahead.

What is your ambition?
As of now, I cherish this ambition. People should say that Geetha Madhuri can sing all types of songs. Yes. I want to achieve versatility. There should not be any categorization like melody and fast beats. I pray that I could.

Are you interested in anchoring?
Yes. But my first priority is with singing. I worked for programs on MAA TV, ZEE TV also. Why can’t I if I get a good opportunity?

Did you do any Devotional album?
Yes. I sang for some albums.

Who are your friends?
I have a very limited number of friends. Mostly, I move with my longtime friend Parnita and Srikrishna Anna. When I was in intermediate, I used to do shopping and take stroll of the city. But, after coming to degree, my outings got thinned down.

Why? Didn’t parents allow you freedom?
Nothing like that. My parents give me absolute freedom. They don’t even interfere into my works and goals. They also help a great deal. They think whatever I do I do for their merit. I am afraid of rumors. That’s why I keep myself reserved. I want to be a calm girl, away from controversies.

Why are you so particular about rumors?
Anyways, I don’t like to have negative branding of my character. My upbringing remains highly disciplinary. I don’t give chance to anyone to speak against me and about my character. I care the whole of a lot for my behavior. That’s why I don’t move freely. Okay?

What is your experience as a track singer?
I consider track singing as a rudimentary for learning higher levels. It is difficult sometimes.

Do you have any experience when your singing was replaced?
No. Sometimes, when we sing tracks, they say, that could be retained. And we find them sometimes and mostly don’t. We can’t blame anyone. It is all part of the game.

How’s your pursuit with dubbing?
It’s nice, but I am not particular about it. If anyone calls me to do dubbing, I am ready. I am currently doing for a new heroine. I am satisfied with my work. I hope to continue with good projects. I believe in the adage – slow and steady wins the race.

Who is your favorite singer?
Shreya Goshal & Sunitha (Tollywood)

Who is your favorite music director?
I like maestro Ilayaraja and Rehman.

Can you sing Hindi songs also?
Yes. I already sang for a private album. It’s a remix one. I also sang a song in the film Bank, which is yet to release. I can also do in Tamil.

Did you give any overseas performance?
Yes. I did twice in Dubai.

What about politics in your profession?
I don’t know anything about politics in my profession. Just, I am aware that there is a lot of competition. It may like …. The Survival of the fittest.

Are you interested in teaching music?
I am not that much matured. In future, I might.

Mostly you are seen wearing blue-colored dress. Is it your favorite color?
Not only blue, I like black and white also.

Generally singers take up charity shows. How about you?
Yes, already I participated in some shows. If any known organization which has name and fame in social service does it, I can readily join the cause. But, I am afraid of some organizers who do such shows for publicity. Certainly, I say no to such people.

You are beautiful. Do you have any plans to become an actress?
No. I can never be an actress. Even in future, I will tell the same thing. I am absolutely content with playback singing, dubbing and anchoring. If I can’t succeed as a singer, I can as a dubbing artiste, or as an anchor.

As a singer, what’s your message to people?
I was disturbed with Bangalore and Ahmedabad blasts. Who is gaining from this terrorism? Both the perpetrators and the victims have no peace of mind. I look forward to a calm living for one and all.

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