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Jeevi notes for the year 2002

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1. Tamil film sentiment jinxed
Days are gone where Telugu film producers used wait at the boarders of Tamil Nadu for a good Tamil film hit to be remade in Telugu. Now the trend is reversed. All the successful Telugu films are either remade or dubbed in to Tamil now.


2. Sis Miss
Sisters of three heroines entered Telugu film industry and were proved unsuccessful. These heroines are Shilpa Sivanand (sister of Sakshi Sivanand) for 'Bejawada Police Station', Arjoo Govitrikar (sister of Dr. Aditi Govitrikar) for 'Manasutho' and Sharmitha Shetty (sister of Shilpa Shetty) for 'Piliste Palukutha'. Aditi Agarwal - sister of Arti Agarwal - would be testing her hand at acting with Gangotri in 2003.


3. Bye Remakes
The ratio of remake success is very small. Among the tens of Tamil remakes, only 'Aaduthu Paaduthu' became average film leaving rest of the films as failures. Kannada remakes had a mixed fortune this year. As the first release 'ChandraVansam' (remade from 'Habba') bombed at Box Office, Idiot (remade from 'Appu') became a sensational hit. The third Kannada remake 'Sandade Sandadi' (remade from 'Kothigallo Saar Kothigallu') became average fare. Three films of Tamil's hottest star Vikram were remade in to Telugu and all three films did not do well. These films are Seshu (remade from Sethu), Sreeram (remade from Dhil) and Gemini (remade from Gemini).


4. Talismans
Among the artists, five starlets - Arti Agarwal, Sonali, Gajala, Ravi Teja and Srikanth are considered as lucky charms. All the films starring any of these stars have become at least minimum guarantee films. However Arti (Bobby), Gajala (Adrustam), Ravi Teja (Anveshana) and Srikanth (Tappuchesi Pappukoodu) had one exception each.


5. Sex bomb shifts positioning
Sex bomb Shakeela's image is drastically changed to that of a comedy artist. She proved herself as a good entertainer with her cameo roles in Jayam and Thottigang. She is also currently doing comedy-oriented roles in 'Naaga' and 'Fools'.


6. Stardom for 2 artists
This year have given stardom to two heroes. NTR has got stardom with 'Aadi' and Ravi Teja got it through 'Idiot'. However, Uday Kiran who is in search for a mass image failed to achieve it through 'Sreeram', as that film ran for comedy than the action sequences.


7. Hero image myth broken
The crowds have become very smart. They are not entertaining badly made films. If a film of big hero is a flop, there are no crowds at theaters on the day two. This proved for films likes CKR, Gemini, Bobby etc. However NTR is an exception. He ruled the roost this year with Allari Ramudu for getting stupendous openings for a average flick.


8. Digital film blues
This year saw the release of Vendi Mabbudu - first Digital product in Telugu cinema. And it is proved that regular film is the best format for Telugu films. There are drawbacks in making digital films.


9. Released, at last!
Four of the delayed films saw light of the day this year. Geetanjali Girija's 'Hrudayanjali' is released after a gap of almost 10 years. Soundarya's 5 year old film 'Prema Donga', Ravi Teja's 2 year old 'Anveshana' and Suman's 2-year old 'Inspector Vikram'. However there are tens of unreleased delayed films lined up for year 2003.


10. Once released - the verdict is out!
This year saw a strange pattern of re-releasing the films after they got initial flop talks. Prints of Vijaya Shanti's 'Sivani' and Hari Babu's 'Nenu Ninnu Premistunnanu' were withdrawn from the theaters in the first week of release and were re-released after re-editing and reshooting. However, there was no improvement in the fate of these films.


11. First Impression is the best impression
A movie's fate is decided by the talk it generated on the morning show of the release day. And the producer has to make sure that he had everything right in the film during post-production state. It does not help in changing climax and adding comedy scenes once the film is released. Climax is changed for films like Sreeram and Bobby. A song is added for CKR. Comedy scenes were added for Hai. However, these additions/alterations did not affect the fate of the abovementioned films.


12. Mass Fixation
The masses of Andhra Pradesh have got few predefined notions and fixations. A tragedy-oriented climax means a big 'NO'. There are lakhs of masses who did not wish you watch film 'Bobby' because they got feedback that hero dies in the climax. Another mental block Andhra audience have is towards 35mm format. Ravi Babu's 'Allari' film is made on 35mm format. The masses immediately gave verdict that Allari is a low-budget film because of 35mm format. For our masses, the screen should be totally filled by the film when the watch movies.


13. Bereft of genuine Telugu actress
There is a big vacuum filled in Telugu film industry with the absence of any genuine Telugu actress. Most of the heroines who were successful this year are imports from other states and countries. An upcoming Telugu actress Pratyusha succumbed to death. Senior actresses like Vijaya Shanti (sahasa baludu vichitra kothi & sivani), Rambha and Roja (Police sisters) are not getting any offers. Raasi is the only Telugu heroine who is able to get some small-budget offers this year like Trinethram, Naga Pratista, Police sisters, 2 much, Sandade Sandadi etc. Upcoming actress Sunitha Varma has all her films in docks waiting for the release.


14. Mixed fortunes for kids from Industry
Sons of Telugu film industry's bigwigs tested their fortunes this year. Out of the six debutant heroes (belonging to film industry), Allari Naresh (son of EVV Satyanarayana), Nitin (son of distributor Sudhakar Reddy) and Prabhas (son of brother of Krishnam Raju) passed the acid test as Surya Prakash (son of K Raghavendra Rao), Aryan Rajesh (son of EVV Satyanarayana) and NT Rathna (son of N Mohana Krishna and grandson of NTR) are branded as flop heroes. Allu Arjun (son of Allu Aravind), Vallabha (son of KS Rama Rao), Vishnu-Manoj (sons of Mohan Babu) and Kalyan Ram (son of Hari Krishna) would be trying their luck in year 2003.


15. Hard Hitters and Ducks
Among the senior heroes Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna emerged as winners. Bala Krishna and Venkatesh could not get a success this year. Among the youth heroes, NTR leads the pack with other youth heroes doing relatively well. Hari Krishna made a sensational comeback with L3 and saved Sivaramaraju from becoming a flop with the openings her got. Rohit is impressive in Girl Friend and is carefully choosing the script. Mahesh Babu had a forgettable year this time. Youth hero Akash is suffering with flurry of dismal flops. Nandi award winner Jagapathi Babu has an even track record this year with two average multi starrers like Sivarama Raju and Sandade Sandadi. Mass hero Srihari failed miserably this year as all his releases (Parasuram, Kubusam, Mass, Pruthvi Narayana, Coolie) bombed at box office.


16. Sensual sirens
Arti Agarwal, Shriya, Gajala, Sada and Sonali Bendre are the top five actresses who are in demand at present. In spite of acting in a huge hit like Aadi, heroine Keerthi Chawla failed to get any hot offers later. Rakshita (Idiot fame) and Bhairavi (Sontham and Gemini) are also in demand now.


17. Second Innings
Naghma started her second innings as a prudish 'atha garu' in Allari Ramudu. But she did not get many offers later. She ended up in doing an item song for 'Ninnu Choodaka Nenundalenu'. Naresh started his second innings as character artist. But his films - Chandra Vansam, Allari Ramudu, Dhana Lakshmi I Love You - did not help him establish as successful character artist.


18. Gone goddesses
These heroines are the darlings of Box Office and masses not long ago. But these once-upon-a-time goddesses are forced to leave industry because of their flops. These actresses are Reema Sen (Seema Simham & Adrustam), Simran (Seema Simham) and Soundarya (Premaku Swagatam & Kondaveeti Simhasanam). Asha Saini is failing to get any offers through she acted in small roles in a hit (O Chinnadana) and a flop (Adrustam).


19. Comedy kings
Sunil has emerged as the undisputed comedy king in this year. He chanrges around 10 lakhs per assignment. Brahmanandam still rules the roost. Dharmavarapu Subramanyam is slowly but steadily raising to the top level as comedy artist. MS Narayana has unique presence in film industry where role are tailor made to suit his characteristic drunkard role. LB Sriram (erstwhile dialogue writer) is settled as fulltime comedy artist. A new comedy artist Srinivasa Reddy made his presence felt in Idiot film. But he did not get a break there after.


20. Singers and MDs come in pairs
Though it looks quite coincidental three female playback singers are at their best when they sing for particular music directors. These singer - MD successful combinations are Usha - RP Patnaik, Kousalya - Chakri and Sumangali - Devi Sri Prasad.


21. Niche for lyric writers
The lyric writers carved niche for themselves without entering into the others arena. Sirivennela is known for soulful lyrics with optimism and philosophy of life injected in it. Kulasekhar is known for writing lyrics for youth songs. Chandra Bose has mastered the art of using rhyming words and writing funny lyrics. Bhaskarabhatla Ravi Kumar is known for writing folk songs. Bhuvana Chandra confined himself to most of the dubbed films.


22. F(P)un Dialogues
Trivikram leads the pack of good dialogue writers. He is the man in demand who gets the best of remuneration without even asking for it. Paruchuri brothers are customizing their skills to suit the changing days. But their level of participation differs from film to film depending on the remuneration the producer pay. Though very talented, Marudhuri Raja could not get any successes in this year. He did not work for any films in the second half of 2002. Once successful dialogue writer Diwakar Babu is not getting any offers these days and he ended up in writing dialogues for films like '2 much'. Three directors - Dasarath (Santosham), Teja (Jayam) and Poori Jagannath (Idiot) were extremely successful in writing dialogues for their films. Comedy dialogue writer Chintapally Ramana proved himself as an all rounder by writing excellent mass dialogues for Hari Krishna in L3.


23. Protests
A group of students in Nizam protested against Teja's Jayam for maligning youth's mind with love stories. Few MLA protested in Assembly for showing Reddys from Rayalaseema as the gory factionists who kills relatives for the sake of revenge in films like Aadi, Indra and CKR. Several Muslim organizations protested against the film Khadgam for carrying anti Muslim dialogues. However, there are fake protests organized by producers to increase collections. One such protest is organized by Veeru K for making his film '2 much' in news.


24. Suicide attempts
Telugu heroine Pratyusha's death under mysterious circumstances created furor in the film industry. Through lot of commotion was created during that period, nothing concrete has been done by the authorities. Jayasudha started an organization called 'Aasara' following Pratyusha's death. But nothing concrete has come out of this due to some reasons. Gajala attempted suicide and was saved by Arjun who admitted her in Apollo Hospitals. She however admitted that she consumed sleeping pills to cope up with work pressure. Popular TV anchor Udaya Bhanu consumed sleeping pills and was admitted in a hospital at Kukat Pally. She also admitted that she consumed sleeping pills due to work pressure. There were also unconfirmed rumors that character artist Brahmaji attempted suicide.


25. Small screen - an extension for the big screen
All the artists who are not getting attractive offers in big screen are migrating toward small screen. The list of actors who started their career in Television serials this year include ANR, Krishna, Suman, Suresh, Brahmaji, Surya, Pruthvi, Sudhakar, Sivaji Raja, Raja Ravindra, Kantha Rao, Ganesh, Indraja, Divya Vani, Jaya Lalitha, Vijaya Nirmala etc. However Uday Bhanu took the reverse step and entered the big screen as heroine in flop films like Kondaveeti Simhasanam and Khaidi brothers.


26. Teaming up for success
There are certain teams exist in film industry and if that team works for any film, that would end up becoming a hit. These teams are
1. Teja team: Teja, Kulasekhar, RP Patnaik, Usha, Shankar (films: Chitram, Nuvvu Nenu, Jayam)
2. Poori Jagannath team: Jagannath, Chakri, Bhaskarabhatla Ravi Kumar (films: Itlu Sravani Subramanyam, Idiot)
3. Vijaya Bhaskar team: Vijaya Bhaskar, Trivikram Srinivas, Sirivennela (Nuvve Kavali, Nuvvu Naaku Nachav, Manmadhudu)
4. B Gopal team: B Gopal, Paruchuri brothers, VSR Swamy, Mani Sharma (Narasimha Naidu, Allari Ramudu, Indra)


27. Publicity extravaganza
Photo sessions and vinyl posters are in things for publicity designers. Most of the producers prefer having separate photo sessions involving main cast so that using those photos the publicity designers can prepare good quality posters. Color combinations and theme patterns are the in things now in poster deigning section.


28. Musical musings
RP Patnaik, Devi Sri Prasad and Chakri raced ahead this year with their melodious songs and hit films. Mani Sharma is on a back foot, though he gave music for Aadi and Indra (two sensational hits). Keeravani, Vandemataram and Koti has a hit each in the form of L3, Girl Friend and Nuvve Nuvve respectively. Debutant music directors (and also imports from Tamil) Paul J (Allari) and Dina (Adrustam) remained as one-film wonders. Hyderabad based music directors were encouraged by AP Government, which passed a resolution that re-recording of all Telugu films should be done in Andhra Pradesh only.


29. Awards and Acclaims
Manjula Swaroop, daughter of superstar Krishna, brought Telugu cinema national recognition by producing and acting in 'Show' that won best screenplay award at national level best Telugu film at regional level. Neelakantha provided screenplay. KTN Sasthry's 'Tiladaanam' received an international award.


30. Change of Name is the game
Changing the screen name is a remedy for bad luck. Kaveri, who made her debut through Seshu changed her name to Kalyani and acted in 'Avunu Valliddaru Ista Paddaaru', which became a hit. Namitha made her debut through 'Sontham' which failed at Box Office. Then she changed her name to Bhairavi and acted in 'Gemini', which also bombed. Now she is back to Namitha screen name and is acting in a film titled 'Oka Raju - Oka Rani'. Suneetha Varma is said to have changed her name to 'Neetha Varma', as her films are getting stuck at production houses due to lack of buyers. The flop hero Akash is recently changed his name to 'Jai Akash'.


31. Dubbing delight
Among the dubbing artists, Sunitha scored well this year leaving the swanky Savitha Reddy behind. The best classic dialogue of the year is none but 'Vellavayya Vellu …' dialogue uttered by Sunitha for Jayam film. This dialogue is used as an entertainment factor for at least 5 films that were released later including a top hero's film like 'Gemini'.


Note: notes on directors is omitted in this article as we would be coming up with an article called 'Director's Special' soon. If you think if we missed to mention anything, please do mail us!

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