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Mohan Babu is busy shooting for his latest film 'Political Rowdy'. He is also producing another film with his son Manoj as hero. He currently holds the post of president of Movie Artists Association. He had a brief chitchat with press on 27th May and talked about two issues - Teja's ban by Film Chamber and the plight of the producers. Here are the excerpts -

27th May 2005

About issues related to producers
I think the financiers should be held responsible for giving finances to all the producers without gauging producer's ability to make good films. Certain producers are making films without chipping their personal money in. They are taking 100% finance from the financiers and are completely depending on them. Those producers are buying expensive cars and enjoying ultra luxuries and accounting the money they spend on these luxuries in the budget of the film. Some of these producers are not paying full remuneration they agreed upon to the technicians and artists. Likewise, certain artists and technicians are not returning the advances they taken to producers in case of non-fulfillment of the commitment.

About non-cooperation (ban) on Teja
The AP Film Chamber of Commerce has taken a decision to extend non-cooperation to Teja for dishonoring his commitment as director to Dhairyam film. The producers of Dhairyam have lodged complaint on Teja for over-budgeting and ill-treatment. Mohan Babu said that certain people have personal grudge on Teja and hence initiated the process of banning Teja. Dhairyam producers should have complained to Film Chamber while the production was going on in stead of doing it after the film bombed. Banning a director on these grounds was never happened before. Incidents like over-budgeting happened lots of times and many producers reported it to Film Chamber. Film Chamber never took any action before. Why did they single out Teja and banned him. Does the Film Chamber have the guts to ban all the people on whom the complaints were lodged? I wrote a letter to Film Chamber to reconsider the decision. If things continue like this, Telugu film industry would become mafia-oriented industry like Bollywood. There is no unity in the film industry at all.

Union leaders are willing to go for a strike
The leaders of 24 crafts have come to me and told that they would go for strike to support this issue on Teja. I can afford to feed all those 5000 workers for 6 months on my own. What about the small producers? I discouraged the leaders from doing strike by keeping small producers in mind.

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