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Chitchat with Mahesh Babu
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Mahesh Babu had chitchat with press on 29th June evening at the venue of audio release of Athadu. Here are the excerpts. Also checkout for Trisha's chitchat at the bottom.

29th June 2005

How did Athadu happen?
I heard the story of this film 3 years back. I was really excited by the way Trivikram narrated the script. But I already committed Nani and Arjun on my home banners. Trivikram and producers waited for me to complete these two films. Shooting of this film was started a month after I completed the work of Arjun. We made no compromise while working for this film. I am very much excited about the outcome of this film.

Trivikram is known as class director? And he is known for his panache in comedy-oriented dialogues. How do you feel about it?
Dialogues of Trivikram are very different from the dialogues of other writers. I used to modify the dialogues in my earlier films to suit my style. But with Trivikram at the helm, I had no choice but utter the way he has written them. It took me around 10 days to get adjusted to this style.

Trivikram is known for comedy punches? What kind of dialogues can we expect from Trivikram?
You will have lot many 'mass punches' in his dialogues of Athadu.

Shooting of Athadu film is delayed a lot. What is the reason for the delay?
When we make action film, it takes time as we did not want to compromise. There are 4-5 complicated action sequences that took enormous time. The climax of this film was shot indoor. Shooting indoor takes lots of time and efforts. We could not do more than 10 shots a day. Hence the delay!

We heard that 160 cameras were imported from London to shoot time-freeze effect shots in action sequence of this film?
Let me clarify about that media hype about this incident. Those 160 cameras we hired from London were not motion cameras, but still cameras that are used to shoot time-freeze effect shots. I would not like to give any unwanted importance to it.

What are the highlights of Athadu?
The love and action is rightly mixed in this film's script. We have not seen films in recent times where love and action have equivalent importance. Another highlight of the film is the characterization of hero character.

Trivikram worked for soft films so far. What prompted you to work for a mass film in his direction?
I was really shocked at the way he narrated the script. He has got terrific visualization. After Athadu film, he would join the list of my favorite directors.

You seem to be repeating Mani Sharma for most of your films. What is the reason?
Why should not I offer Mani Sharma the job of music direction? Give me one reason? He is the best in business and gives terrific music to all my films!

What did you like in Trivikram's working style?
Trivikram talks less and delivers more.

What is your experience of working with Jayabheri banner?
Jayabheri banner is the one of the best banners I have ever worked with. I am really happy with the producers.

What is your experience of working with Trisha?
Trisha is the best among the heroines I worked with so far. She is very spontaneous and does not take more than 2-3 takes for any scenes. It suits me as I do not take 2-3 takes for any shot.

Did you do any risky shots in this film?
If jumping from 12th floor is considered as a risky shot, I have done quite a few risky scenes in this film. However, I made sure that proper precautions are taken.

How do you compare this film with Okkadu?
It has become a ritual for media to compare all my latest films with Okkadu. Okkadu is over and let's forget about it. Each film is different in it's own way. Let us not compare. But I am sure that Athadu would also be a landmark film in my career like Okkadu.

All the tunes in Athadu are melodies? You did not want any mass songs in a mass film?
I do not classify songs as melodies or fast beat songs. I classify music as good music and bad music. Athadu has good music. Sometimes, it is good not to follow the formula and add noise pollution to the songs.

What would be the fans take on Athadu film?
Athadu film would excite all my fans right from the day one from the morning show. They would feel very happy after watching Athadu.

When is Athadu releasing?
29th July 2005

When would the shooting of your film with Puri Jagan starts?
From August 2005 onwards.

Chitchat with Trisha

Tell us about your experience in working with Mahesh Babu?
I am feeling really happy to work with Mahesh Babu. In fact Mahesh Babu is the most professional hero I have ever worked with. He is so passionate about films that he would come and sit in the sets even when his scenes are not being shot. He involves himself in every aspect of filmmaking.

How different is your character in this film from the ones you played in the past?
This character would have more comedy tinge to it. There is lots of entertainment in it.

All the films you have done in Telugu so far had very good and defined characters for you. Since this film is an action film and you are acting with such a big star like Mahesh Babu, is your role in this become limited?
I never wanted to do female oriented films. At the same time, I don't want to act in 3 scenes and 5 songs kind of film. Since it is an action film, I have a limited part play. But I am happy and satisfied with the way it shaped up.


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